Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Detention (2011)

Fear 0/5
Gore 3/5
Entertainment 1/5
Creepiness 0/5

Oh boy. I'm not sure where to start with this one. Let's start with the fact that this film seems to be polarizing the genre loving masses. They either love it or hate it. I'm definitely in the latter camp as this mile a minute pop culture reference marathon, while at first funny, wears out its welcome at around the half hour mark. Every single character in this film attempts to outwit the other or top someone else's cool, let's make the 90's what the 80's was five years ago, hipster remark. Somewhere sprinkled in all of this idiocy are horror elements and you constantly have to remind yourself that you're watching a genre flick and not a bunch of douchey teens trying to out-cool one another for an hour and 30 min. The plot? If you must know....

Someone is stalking and killing one-by-one a group of cool kids at a local high school in AnywhereTown, USA, population: full of douchebags. I couldn't tell you one asshole from the other as there is really no dynamic other than the fact that they all try to out-cool one another. Again, at first the film is funny, but it quickly wears out its welcome. Do kids nowadays REALLY talk like this all the time? More on that in a minute.

So in between doing stupid teenager shit and getting killed, the kids start to suspect that maybe the killer is someone close to them. And then in a completely 'where the fuck did that come from moment?' time travel is introduced and some weird, convoluted past is revealed and the surviving kids must race against time to save the universe. Or some shit. I really don't know. Maybe this movie wasn't for me and more for the ADD riddled generation. And maybe I just didn't 'get it.'

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some of my cohorts and followers on Twitter claim that the film is a work of genius and this falls in line with filmmaker Joseph Kahn's other work. Maybe I need to check it out, but on its own, Detention isn't fun or memorable in the slightest. And some of the over the top references made no sense whatsoever. I couldn't recite them for you because on top of being nonsensical they were just plain unmemorable.

Someone had fun making this and certainly some folks dig it. For me, it was painful and exhausting to get through. Subtlety would have worked wonders here but I don't think that was the filmmaker's intention. Overall, it didn't do anything for me. And god I really hope kids today aren't like this. Mr. Kahn has been quoted as saying that the film is half satire and plays to everyone's worst fear about kids today. Lets hope that that's the case.

So for those of you that have seen it, what say yous?

Cortez the Killer


Eric said...

I actually just watched this last night and was in the process of typing out some thoughts. I felt more or less like you did - underneath all the 90s fetishization and pop culture references, there just wasn't a good movie. Maybe I'm too old...

Planet of Terror said...

Eric, maybe I am too. But even if you strip that all way, there just isn't a good movie or story to be had. Such a waste.