Friday, June 3, 2011

The PoT Podcast Is Back!

After a bit of a hiatus due to two pesky things known as work and life, the PoT podcast is back!

In this episode, I talk to writer/director Barbara Stepansky about her atmospheric and brutal independent horror feature entitled Fugue. We talk about the idea behind the film and how it came to be, her experiences as a filmmaker (including working with Christopher Nolan, name drop!) as well as her upbringing in Germany. She grew up with a perfect view to a cemetery just outside her bedroom window. Um, I'd be out of that casa in two shakes of a lambs tale. You dig?

Anywhos, click on the player below and enjoy!

P.S. I need to come up with a better sign off. If anyone can think of a neat-o one for me, there just might be a prize involved.

Cortez the Killer


Lorna Ink said...

possible sign off: slash you later!
(its a joke of 'catch you later' and 'slash' as in slasher films - see what I did there?) xD

Emily said...

Excited to hear this one!