Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Summer School Contest Winners!!

The directors of our favorite indie horror film of 2009 (see here) have reviewed the entries. The following two summer and/or high school stories were picked as the best:

Wednesday's Child (peep out her stupendous blog, In It For The Kills here)

'This is pretty bad. Two friends of mine convinced a third friend, a pretty naive girl, that 'jizz' was a word which meant 'happy feelings.' I sat in the room and listened to them do this knowing exactly what jizz was. I should have called bullshit. The poor girl made a huge banner on the computer (this was back in the dot matrix, Printshop days) that read, 'May Your Holidays Be Filled With Joyous Jizz.' She hung it in the cafeteria on the last day before Christmas break. Fortunately the school was small enough that the teachers knew she would not have knowingly done such a thing and they gently took her aside and told her to take it down. Sorry to say, the banner was funny as hell.'

Jeffrey Atencio, AKA The Jaded Viewer (peep out his awesome website, here)

'Well I had a friend named Buffy and I swear she was some sort of vampire slayer...hmmm maybe I'm thinking of something else. Anyway, me and my best friend actually tried to pull off 'the Ferris Bueller' once and tried to get his GF out of class by using the old grandma died trick. I did my best to pretend I was 'dad' playing the Cameron part and he called in a few minutes later. We kept it up for a while and by the end we were sure she was gonna be able to get out. But we later found out that when they approached her with this news she had no clue and broke down in tears (if only cell phones existed back then). Suffice it to say, my friend and his GF didn't last long after that and there was no visit to the art museum.'

Each winner will receive a super snazzy special edition DVD of the film. Congrats to the winners!!
Cortez The Killer

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Chuck Conry said...

I picked your blog for an award/meme thingy! lol You don't have to do what it says but I wanted you to know about it.


the jaded viewer said...

Awesome! I'm gonna tell my friend that his stupidity got me a prize!

Thanks! It's my first contest win...dammit Kanye don't you interrupt me...