Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bedevilled (2010)

Fear 2/5
Gore 5/5
Entertainment 4/5
Creepiness 2/5

My Lordy, what is it about the Far East and their tales of revenge? Because they do it like no other. Bedevilled is no exception. While a slow build at first, it's no less brutal and unrelenting and the last act ends in a very painful and bittersweet way. This isn't a happy one folks.

A young woman who's life has recently grown complicated due to being witness to an attempted murder, decides to leave town and head out to a secluded island that she used to frequent as a child. As a child, she befriended a young girl and she hopes to reconnect with her during her time away from the city. What hope she has to reconnect and get away from it all is almost quickly dashed as she learns of the life that her poor friend now leads.

Pretty much the whole of the rest of our film centers on this woman as the seeking to escape city life friend exits the picture (for the most part) and takes refuge in a nearby home once she learns of the life that her friend now leads. She can't be bothered with the lives of others. Her intent to escape the harsh realities of life and ignore the awful circumstances of her friend almost leads to her own comeuppance. But that doesn't come into play until much later.

Anyways, our focus turns to this woman who's despised, spat on, and constantly belittled by her husband. Worse yet, he has no qualms about paying hookers to have his way with even when his wife is just right outside preparing dinner. Can things be any worse? Well his brother who also lives with them routinely has drunken, degrading sex with her and the other island inhabitants all look down upon her as well. This woman has absolutely nothing to live for save for one thing: her young daughter.

As you can imagine, her breaking point comes when her daughter falls victim to the actions of her 
absolutely despicable husband. There's no one that's safe from her wrath: her husband, his brother, and all those who call the island home. And as mentioned, she turns her vengeful sights to the terrible friend who did nothing to stop the actions of those who cursed her existence. But our film ends in heartbreaking fashion and on one serious downer of a note.

If you like your tales of revenge bloody and brutal, you will find none better. Just don't expect to walk away from this one with some sort of satisfaction.

Cortez the Killer

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