Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

Fear 0/5
Gore 5/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 2/5
T&A Factor: 2/5

Confession time: I recently received a screener copy of the soon-to-be released Wrong Turn 5 (holy shit there are 5 of these!!). I haven't seen parts 2-4. Taking to Twitter, I announced to one and all the same. I was immediately bombarded with comments all saying the same thing: you need to check out the utter insanity that is part 2. AND it stars Henry 'The Fucking Man' Rollins (I'm pretty sure that's his middle name). So I did and boy am I glad that my followers did not lead me astray. This one's a lot of ridiculous fun.

We all know the basic set-up of these films: a group of people get lost in Po Dunk Nowheresville, USA population full of mongoloid hillbillies. Said people get hacked and slashed and become that night's meal. Some escape and some don't. The end. Well that's pretty much the case here but there's a lot of gusto here and its chock full o' retardedness to boot.

A group of reality T.V. show contestants head out to backwoods county for a battle of wills, strength, and endurance. It's like Survivor on crack as they have to face a post apocalyptic world. The group is an interesting cast of characters: a former marine who happens to be a hot lesbian; a former high school football star; an X Games skateboarder; a vegan, angry goth chick, and....oh who I am kidding. NONE of these characters are interesting in the least bit and they're all just fodder. Lead by the host of the show, a retired Marine Colonel (Rollins), the group has the opportunity to win some big money should one of them outlast everyone else.

So the games begin and of course our group (after some minor exposition showing just how retarded they all really are), starts getting picked off one-by-one by our dirty, sister fucking, hillbilly nasties. An all out gorefest ensues when the shit hits the fan and it's Colonel Badass to the rescue with Rollins channeling his inner Schwarzenegger (and literally so in one scene that is ripped straight from Predator). The Colonel storms the hillbilly compound and all hell breaks loose. Some die and some escape. The end.

Sure this one is loaded with every cliche in the book but as mentioned, there's a lot of gusto and some really great practical effects on display. And Rollins just nails his performance. Oh who am I kidding, he's playing himself really. But he's a total badass and he makes the entire film. He really needs to be in more genre films.

Thanks for the recommendation faithful followers! This will be in my rotation for years to come. Hoo-raah!!

Cortez the Killer


Hey! Look Behind You! said...

Joe Lynch took on a lot to follow the first film, I think I might love this one more than the first one. I haven't seen the others so I can't make a fair comparison but still, this one was fun and gory. My two favorite things!

Planet of Terror said...

I was never that fond of the first film. But it's IMPOSSIBLE not to have fun with this one.

Emily said...

I couldn't believe how fun this film was. Word on the street is the last 3 are crummy, which is a shame. If the franchise had really taken the essence of this one and continued it, it'd be something truly great.

Jack Thursby said...

Was never that impressed with the first film but have heard nothing but praise for this one so I'll have to give it a go. Not least because it's been ages since I watched Henry Rollins act in anything - he's always pretty awesome.

Planet of Terror said...

@Emily, I've heard the same word. Bracing myself for the rest of them. It's kind of my duty to check out the other two before part five right?

@Jack, it's all kinds of silly but a lot of fun. And the practical effects are pretty righteous as well. Give it a whirl!