Thursday, October 18, 2012

Citadel (2012)

Fear 4/5
Gore 3/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 5/5

Citadel is a unique horror film that is unlike any you've seen before in terms of both style and subject matter. It's engrossing, captivating, and ultimately, downright horrifying. Especially if you're easily unnerved by the creepy kid style of genre film. But what makes Citadel so unique is it's focus on real world fears, in particular, those that pertain to a young man and his need to be the main protector of his family.

Tommy is a young father, recently widowed after a group of hooded kids injected his wife in their apartment complex with some sort of unknown substance which placed her in a comatose state. Why they singled out this woman in particular isn't known until much later in our story. Luckily, before she completely went comatose, doctors were able to extract their very soon-to-be birthed child. But Tommy has to make a painful decision as doctors inform him that his wife won't be getting better and he needs to pull the plug.

As a result of the attack on his wife, Tommy is now extremely fearful of leaving the house. Not only because of the hooded menace that may lurk around the corner, but because he lives in a really shitty neighborhood to begin with. His extreme agoraphobia leads him to a specialist who helps him. After receiving some intense counseling, he's sent back home and he attempts to lead a normal life, caring for and raising his daughter in the process.

Tommy's worst fears come back to haunt him and the hooded kids can be seen roaming his apartment complex halls, looking for a way to get in. But these aren't your garden variety creepy kids. They're the city's lost and more or less disaffected youths who've gone feral. A much bigger issue looms as they're kidnapping the local's children and have their sights on Tommy's daughter.

Tommy of course can't deal with the horror but finds an ally in the local priest who knows where this menace is hiding out. He becomes both a partner and therapist for Tommy, getting him to face his worst fear head on and then teaming with him to raid the neighborhood of this predatory disease. As you can imagine, Tommy's daughter gets kidnapped and it's up to the priest, a young boy in his care, and Tommy to take down the animals once and for all.

Citadel is one of the more unique horror films I've seen this year and it's beautifully composed and shot. The cinematography is gorgeous and the scene where the group raids the high rise where the feral kids are holding the locals captive is nothing short of creepy and terrifying. And the angle taken, of preying on one's worst fear as a parent and then taking it to the extreme, is nothing but absolutely nerve racking.

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RedRum said...

Hi! Im RedRum from Spain( Im totally agree with you,great review!.I saw in the Festival of Sitges, The concept is original and interesting. Highly recommended.

Planet of Terror said...

Hello Redrum, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Thanks for the kind words.

It is very original and a definite must see for genre fans! Glad you liked it as well.

Sir Phobos said...

I'm going to be a first-time parent in 3 months, so I bet I'll find this horrendously scary. I'll be on the lookout for it!