Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Selling (2011)

Fear 2/5
Gore 0/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 2/5

This year has seen some really solid entries into the horror comedy category. Films such as Some Guy Who Kills People and Juan of the Dead are examples of horror comedy done right and they bring the funny from start to finish. Add The Selling to that mix. It combines equal parts Scooby Doo, slapstick horror, as well as brings to mind the classics within the realm of haunted house horror. Think of everything from Poltergeist to Insidious and you get the picture.

Meet Richard Scarry. Yes that's his real name. He's a real estate agent who, upon introduction to prospective buyers, tells them his name and then promptly says 'Like the children's book author' in an attempt to cut them off at the pass and make himself seem less threatening. And that he really isn't. He's a total do-gooder that wants nothing more than to work hard and make his mom proud. Along with his skeezy but loyal co-worker and best friend, he sets out to invest in and flip some prime real estate to help pay for his mother's medical bills.  The only problem? His devious female coworker knowingly sells him a house that's haunted. ZOINKS!

Richard tries to quickly renovate the house and sell it upon his discovery but gets too freaked out with the incessant moaning, groaning, and cries for him to 'Get out!' So instead of renovating and staging a fine looking home, he decides to try and get rid of is as soon as possible. But the spirits have other plans as they drive potential buyers out with their shenanigans. From thumps and bumps to groans and shrieks to bleeding walls, this house isn't going to be moved anytime soon.

Things become a lot trickier for Richard when the legendary evil menace who used to call the place home crosses over into the real world and wreaks havoc upon himself, his family, and his friends. It all becomes a madcap, free-for-all, fight to the finish as Richard struggles to free himself of the demonic spirit who wants to do nothing more than to make Richard's life a living hell. Poor Richard. Can someone give this loveable guy a break, please?

With fine performances all around (including a hilarious cameo by Barry Bostwick who plays a wacky man of the cloth), The Selling is a well-written, charming slice of horror comedy. One of my favorites of the year.

The Selling is currently available to rent via various VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant and Vudu. http://www.thesellingthemovie.com/

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