Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Am A Ghost (2012)

Fear 5/5
Gore 0/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 5/5

God I really wish that Hollywood would mine the indie scene for some sort of creative spark, some sort of semblance of originality instead of its continual churning out of shit on a platter. But noooooo. They're hellbent on pushing out that next genre remake or sequel into your local megaplex. And when it is somewhat original, it's total doo doo salad (see The Possession, The Apparition, etc.). I've said it before and I'll say it again: there are plenty of great, genre challenging films out there that should be celebrated. I Am A Ghost is no exception.

Emily is a troubled young woman. She can't seem to escape the confines of her home and is stuck in this never ending loop of repeating mundane tasks day in and day out. She cooks breakfast, cleans the house, goes to the market, comes home, and then hits the hay. She wakes up the next morning only to do it all over again. It's a veritable Groundhog's Day. But why exactly is she trapped in this cycle? Well you see, she's a ghost, a haunt that hasn't quite found the place where it's supposed to be.

In the midst of one of her days, she hears the voice of a woman, a woman singing a song which used to be sung to her. A song which is supposed to comfort her but unnerves Emily as she can't pinpoint where it's coming from. Emily engages the voice and asks who she is. The voice responds by saying that she is a medium, hired by the current occupants of the home to rid them of her unwanted company. Emily at first looks puzzled but when the voice reminds her that she has to be constantly re-educated on what she is, it all comes rushing back to her. Emily is indeed an aimless spirit.

Despite multiple attempts at getting Emily to 'cross over', none of the medium's efforts seem to be working. It's only after further delving into Emily's past that we uncover why she can't make the leap. Without giving anything away, let's just say that Emily's recalling of what happened to her doesn't quite mesh with what actually occurred. And there isn't only one spirit of unrest within the house and both she and the medium have to contend with it.

I Am A Ghost is a fantastic piece of genre filmmaking. It's one of the most original and remarkable ghost stories I've ever seen. From a style and atmosphere perspective, it is very Kubrickian in appearance and tone but from a purely conceptual standpoint, it's unlike anything you've ever seen. The last twenty minutes of this film are some of the most intense and incredibly terrifying moments I've seen in a genre film this year. I hope that filmmaker H.P. Mendoza has other genre projects up his sleeve. He certainly has a knack for it.

I Am A Ghost is currently making the festival rounds. But keep your eyes peeled for this one. I have no doubt it will find a home with a distributor. Bookmark the film's web page and follow their Facebook and Twitter pages. http://iamaghost.com/

Cortez the Killer


Eric said...

This looks really interesting. Also, could that poster be any cooler? I love it!

Erin said...

I absolutely can not wait for this movie!

Planet of Terror said...

@Eric, indeed. Glad to see someone with talent and who isn't Photoshop happy.

@Erin, keep your peepers peeled. You bet I'll be posting news when this one gets a release. Stay tuned.

the jaded viewer said...

I felt like all the indie horror screeners I've received recently were a poor man's copy of what Hollywood wants. Then you dropped this into my inbox and made me a happy happy horror blogger.

Absolutely loved it. I needed a Red Bull of indie horror awesome and this delivered.

Your review is dead on (pun intended)