Thursday, September 27, 2012

Found (2012)

Fear 0/5
Gore 4/5
Entertainment 2/5
Creepiness 1/5

The indie feature Found, is part coming of age and part serial killer film. It has an interesting premise: a young boy dealing with the pains of being a kid discovers one day that his brother is a serial killer. Despite being constantly picked on and ridiculed at school and only having one friend in the world, he decides that he'll stay the straight and narrow. After all, it would be so easy for his obsession of horror films and the idolization of his brother to influence him to take a different path. Even though the story is interesting and somewhat unique at first, it devolves into complete nonsense and it's downright insulting by film's end.

Marty is a good kid. He loves comic books and horror films. But life at school sucks. He's a loner and he's constantly picked on by the bigger kids. Even his lone buddy who loves drawing new superheroes with him sometimes shies away when everyone else is looking. To top that all off, things get physical with one of the class bullies who humiliates him in front of everyone. Despite all of that, Marty doesn't get too down. He has the love of his mom, comics and horror films, as well as that of his brother, however twisted he may be.

A look into his home life doesn't reveal a whole lot: he has a doting mother and a father who works hard. Sure there is some tension between his dad and teenage brother. But what family doesn't have that? All in all, not a whole lot here to be concerned about nor finger point as to why his brother is the monster he is.

As our story progresses, and Marty's school life gets worse (including his only friend denouncing their friendship), he contemplates how easy it would be to take the same path as his brother. It would be a way for him to be in control, a way for him to show how strong he really is. But he shakes off that notion saying it wouldn't be worth it. A smart thought and wise decision for sure.

The problem with the film comes with the reveal of why his brother is the way he is. Despite arguments with mom and dad and just being an all around rebellious teenager, at this point there is really nothing that we can grasp onto as the viewer All credibility is catapulted out the window in the single instance that he says he kills people, because....well, let's just say that he's really racist. He only kills one ethnicity as he thinks that they are total leeches and the scum of society. Seriously? This reveal comes completely out of left field and ruins the entire proceedings. So much so that the film feels like it drags until the fateful end. I wanted to turn off the film after that lazy and insulting explanation.

Found has some really good ideas but unfortunately they are all ruined by the thinnest of motivations and circumstances. I have no idea what the filmmaker was thinking but the reason for Marty's brother becoming a serial killer was completely hollow and downright infuriating. As such, the entire experience was a waste.

Cortez the Killer

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