Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trailer Madness!

Well kids, there is a bit of a lull in our fair genre right now. Such is the case at just about this same time every year. But fear not! On top of some interesting looking theatrical releases that are coming out soon (The Possession, Sinister), we have this trio of indie films to look forward to, each one being unique in their own way.

I saw the trailer for this one last week, posted over at one of my favorite horror sites Brutal As Hell. I Am A Ghost tells the story from the perspective of a ghost trapped in the home in which she used to live in. The aesthetic hearkens back to the 70's and 80's haunted house flick and the concept itself sounds fantastic.

Synopsis: Taking place in a single Victorian house during an indeterminable time period, I Am A Ghost is a supernatural mystery that explores identity mixing experimental non-linear filmmaking with classic haunted house spookiness.

 Emily (Anna Ishida), a troubled spirit, haunts her own house every day, wondering why she can’t leave. With the help of Sylvia (Jeannie Barroga), a clairvoyant hired to rid the house of spirits, Emily is forced into a ‘patient/therapist’ relationship, uncovering disturbing mysteries about her past that may help her move on to ‘the next place.’



Somebody is killing old people in what looks to be an incredibly hilarious romp through an old folks home. The name says it all: Hotel Arthritis. Who is stalking these blue haired, only wanting to enjoy their twilight years, and some good ol' fashioned tapioca pudding seniors?



Richard is a real estate agent trying to get rid of a house that can't be moved. Why? Because it's haunted of course. Filled with supernatural goings ons, and what appears to be a few passing nods to films like Poltergeist and Insidious, The Selling looks like a solid slab of horror comedy. This would be a good double bill in fact with Hotel Arthritis. AND The Selling stars Barry Bostwick who was absolutely hilarious in the recently released horror comedy Some Guy Who Kills People.



Along with a VOD release of the much anticipated V/H/S and another Paranormal Activity film in October (yes, I'm still interested in this franchise, sue me), these promising indies look primed to bring 2012 to a close on a high note.

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