Thursday, August 2, 2012

Giveaway Time!

It's been awhile since I've done one of these. And what better way then to kick start things by giving away a free copy of one of the most disturbing and controversial (it was banned in the UK) films I've ever seen: The Bunny Game. Recently released on BluRay and DVD, I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the film from the distributor after already having pre-ordered it. So one of you lucky kiddos will get a chance to win my extra BluRay/DVD combo pack.

The catch? Leave a comment detailing the most disturbing film you've ever seen and how it affected you. The winner will be chosen by the filmmaker himself, Mr. Adam Rehmeier. Please leave your email address in the comment as well.

So get to commentin' kiddos. You have until Thursday, August 9th.

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Anonymous said...

Def Human Centepede part 2 is the most disturbing movie I've ever seen.The extreme nature of the film is almost too much to handle.It is indeed sick. ---Chris Garrison///

Anonymous said...

Most disturbing clip 2 girls 1 cup. Most disturbing film Jaws. Scared me so bad that even years later if I'm swimming in any body of water and something brushes against my legs I freak the hell out and do the help me I'm drowning dance.

Jason Coffman said...

I think the most disturbing film I've ever seen is probably still Philip Ridley's "The Reflecting Skin." Saw it as a teenager and its beautiful, terrifying images have been deeply imprinted ever since. | Jason Coffman |

Mister Bones said...

Hands down the most disturbing, depraved, disgusting thing I have ever seen is "A Serbian Film". I absolutely felt like a worse human being after I watched it. I wanted to turn it off, but couldn't help but want to see how it ended, and I hated myself for it. It has actually ruined "disturbing" movies for me now, as nothing has really affected me since. Hoping The Bunny Game will make me hate myself all over again though.


N. said...

The most disturbing film I've seen - that's really stuck to me and left me chilled when I think about it even a year later - is Lake Mungo. It's pretty tame in retrospect - no gore or anything like that - but at the time I leapt from my chair and almost turned the tv off out of pure reaction. The whole movie has some pretty creepy stuff going on - including the illicit sex the protagonist is engaged in, and the creepster, dickish moves of the son and psychiatrist. But it's the Lake Mungo scene that gets me. Early in the movie you see the body of the protagonist after she's drowned. When the protagonist is wandering around Lake Mungo and runs into a solitary, indistinct figure, and when the figure gets closer and you SEE that it is her drowned body confronting her - that is just too, too much.... But the disturbing thing that really clings to you, and is followed up for the rest of the movie, is that the girl was confronted by her own ghost - and she knew it.... I still see the twisted mouth of the body, and I still think about how horrifying it must be to literally be confronted by your OWN mortality....

A few months after I saw it I met up with an old friend. We don't get to hang out as often as we used to, but usually we compare scary movie notes. We both were like - "You have to see this movie, Lake Mungo..." "I've seen it!" "And the..." "Ohmygod!" "Holy shit!"

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing film I have seen in my lifetime is really really a tough call. IF we're talking true HORROR movie, the original "Omen" scares the crap out of me to this day. If we're talking "what is wrong with this world?" scary, like "it frightens me that this exists", there's always the most recent "Battleship" movie, with a VERY close second going to all of the "Step Up" movies and then to the "Fast and Furious" franchise. If we're talking "ew that's gross", there's always the "Human Centipede" movies. I can't pick most of those, though. I can't actually say that I've SEEN them.

So the most disturbing I've SEEN happens to be the Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Hear me out.

It's literally the worst movie I have seen on so many levels that it was disturbing. And painful. And I was basically required to watch the entire thing.

For one, it OBVIOUSLY cost a ton of money, yet it was like they hired a 2nd grader to write the script. At one point in the movie (set in the 40's in China, I might add), three Yeti begin fighting the bad guys, only to kick one of them through two poles while another made the "Field Goal" sign with it's hands. (SET IN CHINA IN THE 40's, THREE MYTHICAL CREATURE MAGICALLY KNOWS AMERICAN FOOTBALL (which was not even that popular in America that that time)).

For another, it was a MAJOR motion picture through a MAJOR motion picture studio (Universal). Not only ONE person had to sign off on it, but likely HUNDREDS had to stamp it with their "seal of approval" before putting a frame on film. Along the way, NOT ONE PERSON had the thought "this looks like a crappy idea, we shouldn't put any money into it".

Third: I was FORCED to stay for the entire movie. My wife's sister worked on the Premiere of the movie and helped throw the party for it. Had I spent a dime of my money, I would have walked out shortly after the opening credits. Had I spent a dime on it, I would have fought to get my dime back like the kids from South Park after the Passion of Christ.

Forth: The movie premiere, which was supposed to have a really nice party afterward, was beautiful. The food looked amazing. I walked over, so excited to be over with the disappointment that had just unfolded in front of me, and saw a very beautiful, high end, Chinese food spread. But something smelled off. I went over and asked a server, "was any of the food cooked in Peanut oil?"

She went away for a minute and came back and told me "actually, everything but the deserts is made using peanut oil".

I'm deathly allergic to peanuts. So not only did I live through the worst, most disturbing peice of cinema I have ever watched, something that made me want to cleanse my brain of everything related to it, but the "light at the end of the tunnel" was merely a mirage. There was no "happy ending" to that night. Only disappointment. I left saddened by the movie AND really hungry.

So it wasn't "gruesome". It wasn't "gory". It was painfully, disturbingly horrific. It left a lasting reminder that money rules the world of mainstream movies and that pretty much everything they make is shit. I don't think I'll ever get over it.

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing for me is August Underground Mordum by Fred and the crew at Toetag. Having worked in Prison for a long time and having a Psych degree, I believe the sheer brilliance at depicting nihilistic and non empathetic actions by a group of individuals high on killing is surely one of the very best movies of its ilk.

The slow spiral into depravity of the worst kind as far as crime and its own world tberein, featuring the act of necrophillia on an infant, whilst insanely yet sanely wearing her little pink panties haunts me most days I work with pedophiles.

Its not an exploitation film, its not horror for horror sake, its a very real depiction. To knlw that we have that in the world must surely haunt even the most deviant of us all. It certainly does me...

Scratchy Pete

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing film I've ever seen is Irreversible. I had read about the infamous rape scene beforehand and pride myself on being able to separate art/film from real life but that being said, I found it extremely hard to not look away during the aforementioned scene. Monica Bellucci is an amazingly beautiful woman who went to an extremely ugly place physically (and I can only imagine mentally) for this role. The moment when her character Alex is trapped under her assailant in that tunnel and you see her reach out for something--anything is absolutely gutwrenching. Additionally, the fact that the film's story runs in reverse so the viewer knows what's in store for the characters but has no way of warning them makes it all the more harrowing to watch.

Pamela-Cleo Goddard

Halloweenman666 said...

The most disturbing film I've ever seen wins by a long shot. Un Chien Andalou, the silent surrealist short film from Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali. The obvious disturbing scenes such as the eyeball slicing scene, the ant scene, and the death's head moth scene are not for the squeemish, but the mere fact that the movie is about nothing, represents nothing, and has no clear motivation or explanation of exactly what is going on is totally freaks me out the most. I've watched it a few times and can come up with nothing as to what it means or what it's trying to do. Bunuel and Dali have claimed that the motivation for making it was to try to make a movie that could be examined forever and never have an explanation. This leaves the mind with goosebumps, much creepier to me than any simulated gore, death, or monster scene! Oh yeah and just in case I win, my email is

Matt said...

By far the most disturbing film I've ever seen is A Serbian Film. I started watching horror movies at the tender age of six and nothing phased me back then or now, until I saw A Serbian Film. The violence in it is grotesque, depraving, and offers more debauchery than the campy, almost humorous, violence offered in slashers or monster movies. After watching the scene where the guy rapes the newborn baby, I knew I was in for a strange experience. As the film went on and the level of disturbing violence was raised, it got to a point where I almost couldn't watch the climax, the infamous rape scene.

The film affected me and made me realize how sick and twisted people can be, in both the fantasy world of film and the real world we live in. No horror film at that point ever scared me, or disturbed me, or shook me, until I saw that dastardly film.

Stephen N. said...

Without a doubt the most disturbing film I have ever seen is Killer Klowns From Outer Space. That movie has traumatized me forever!! I was a young, naive and care free child with no real fears to speak of. That all changed the day I watched KKFOS. I haven't looked at a clown the same way again. I thought they were all murderous aliens from that day forward. I wouldn't even go into the bathroom for awhile (if you have seen the film you know what I am taking about. Ya know, those fucking clown tentacle things). It may seem like I am lying or joking or something but I am not. I am a grown man and I can tell you those motherfuckers are so real to me (even though I know they are fake) and if I even see someone in one of those KKFOS costumes you can bet I will curl up into a little ball and start sobbing like a baby! My heart is starting to race just thinking about those fuckers! To this day I won't even look at the damn cover of the movie I am that terrified. I won't even allow a copy in my house. And that is the ONLY thing that scares me now! In short, I would rather commit suicide than EVER see that film again, EVER!!!!!

alienxphile at yahoo dot com

titania86 said...

I would say A Clockwork Orange is the most disturbing film I've ever watched. I first watched in high school and I hated it because I found myself sympathizing with Alex, a rapist and a murderer. Later, I rewatched it and it has become one of my favorite films for just that reason. The rape scene is particularly memorable.

titania86 said...


Planet of Terror said...

Holy crapping crap these are all great responses! Adam is going to have a job ahead of him.

Anonymous Mummy 3, please tell me there was at least alcohol there?

P.S. it would be totally rad if you guys didn't post anonymous comments. Make up a name, Paco or something.



R. Oliver said...

There are more than a few disturbing films. But for me, “Grotesque” (2009)(aka“Gurotesuku”)is the most disturbing film.

Grotesque is really a mix of emotions. Brilliant, disgusting, well written, sadistic and painful to your sense beyond belief. Now if you are like me when a film proclaims things like – “King of Japanese”, “Saw and Hostel were just appetizers”….etc You wonder if the marketing matches the reality. In this case I have to agree with the plugs. This is actually more brutal than Saw and Hostel combined. Yet somehow it also has bouts of tenderness and compassion. Imagine that! At one point, the on screen doctor proclaims “ I’m going to drive these nails into your nuts”…it will really hurt but if you surrender I'll torture the girl in your place. That is the rhythm of this film. Just when you thought you had it pegged on direction, you get a blast of something else. This is where the brilliance comes in. The range of emotional and human survival is unparallel in the film’s progression. And is TRULY a disturbing piece of work! I loved it! a disgusting, disturbing kind of way.

Ronald O.


MarkusWelby1 said...

In 2007 a little French horror film came out known as "Inside" Beatrice Dalle may be the most terrifying screen entity since Halloween. Thinking about this film from a woman's perspective makes it all the more horrific when considering the antagonist wishes to forcibly remove a pregnant woman's fetus with a giant pair of shears. When I'm out for a walk sometimes I think I see Beatrice standing in the bushes.....plotting....waiting....I'd like to wish I could outwit her, but she seems to cover all the angles. I am a man, but I shit you not, this woman terrifies me to this day and will continue to do so forever.

Jason Bujnosek said...

The most disturbing film I've ever seen was a British movie called Threads, a highly realistic movie about nuclear war and its aftermath. The movie follows various people trying to survive, but in particular one pregnant woman, who gives birth and tries to scratch out a living in the post-nuclear wasteland. Ten years after the war, Mom eventually drops dead while working in a field, leaving her daughter to fend for herself. The daughter, with no one to protect her, is sexually assaulted and becomes pregnant. The final scene, where she gives birth, is the kicker: the bloody newborn is wrapped up and handed to her, and she looks at it. Her expression slowly turns to one of horror and disgust at what her baby looks like, as she tries to set it down and cringe away from it. BAM, end of movie. Very, very bleak. said...

The most disturbing movie I've seen was August Underground Mordum.
At the time I was actually bored with new horror, crap sequels, remakes etc. The only movies I was buying were the old nasties I wasn't allowed to watch due to censorship laws here. I was collecting all the infamous movies I craved when younger and came across a list of most disturbing movies. Mordum topped that list. Ordered on eBay and waited.
When it arrived I watched it and was knocked sideways at how horrific it was. It felt wrong watching it. My stomach was sick, hands clenched throughout. After it I felt guilty, terrified and absolutely numb. Took me a few days to shake but still some images stay with me. Despite the feelings I was sold, finally horror movies were doing what they were supposed to do. Scare the shit outta me. Figured I'd seek out other indie horrors and for me horror was reborn.

Anonymous said...

And the Winner is/was?

Planet of Terror said...

Hey Anonymous! The entries are being judged right now. Believe it or not, I have a full-time day job so this isn't a super top priority. But you can bet the BluRay has not moved from my computer desk and it is primed for shipping. Stay tuned.