Monday, June 25, 2012

Entrance (2012)

Fear 0/5
Gore 3/5
Entertainment 1/5
Creepiness 0/5

Entrance is a slow burn thriller but not the good kind. It does absolutely nothing to enlighten the viewer on the frustrating life of the main character even though we are supposed to empathize with her boring, going nowhere, everyday life. Because of this, the film is a long exercise in tedium and it's one prolonged fit of fury as the plot goes nowhere and is ultimately pointless. When the real horror hits, it's too little too late. And even that (and why it's happening) is a muddled mess.

The film focuses on a young woman as she goes about her every day life: working as a barista, walking her dog, expressing her frustrations with her roommate and living situation, rinse, repeat. The vast majority of our film is a lot of boring nothing. We're supposed to empathize with her going nowhere, stagnant life but the film does nothing to shed light on the character (i.e. who she is, where she's from, etc.) we are supposed to have a vested interest in.

Our plot doesn't really go anywhere until she finds her dog missing one day. OK, that's not entirely true as she notices a car following her on some of her evening strolls with her canine companion. But these moments along with the missing dog are really the only semi-interesting ones and are meant to create tension and drama but don't because by this time, you've already checked out.

Things culminate in a goodbye party for the woman as she's ready to move out of her current living situation and, hopefully, start fulfilling her dreams (whatever those are). Our film goes from a boring dramatic thriller to home invasion flick with a purpose and rationale that makes absolutely no sense. It's enough to royally piss you off as you've sat through the long, drawn out proceedings and the payoff is equally if not more frustrating than anything that came before it.

Entrance fails at everything that it tries to be: it's not a good thriller nor is it an effective character study. Avoid this at all costs unless being bored to tears and watching pointless, directionless films is your thing.

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