Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I realized something today: in all the time that I've been doing this blog, I haven't done a very good job of following up with you, my dear planeteers, on indie films that have been released and where you can buy them. Sure, I post the occasional press release. I also link to the film's website in my reviews (hoping you bookmark it for future reference). But I don't let you know where exactly you can purchase the film or even better, when it's on sale through the distributor or an online retailer. For shame!

Well that is all about to change as I'm starting this here feature around alerting YOU when the price of a good film has dropped or if a particular distributor is offering a super mondo, fantabuloso deal on some bangin' horror films. And if you think of a better name for the series than 'DVDeals', there just may be a free film or two coming your way.

The first 'for less than two extra value meals' film is The Bleeding House which premiered at last year's Tribeca film festival. Taken from my year end 'best of' list from last year:

A family looking to start anew in a small town out in the middle of Nowheresville, USA, is slowly revealed to be harboring some dark secrets. Initially, not a whole lot is known about what it is they're actually hiding. But everything is brought out into the open when an unexpected visitor, sporting some white threads from head to toe and speaking in a distinct southern drawl, comes knocking on their door. At first unassuming and charming, he soon reveals his true nature and intentions. The Bleeding House is a great psychological/home invasion thriller.

The film is currently on sale at Amazon for a measly $14.77. The packaging and artwork alone is worth the price. Dig it: http://www.amazon.com/The-Bleeding-House-Alexandra-Chando/dp/B004WCSMF2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340147993&sr=8-1&keywords=The+bleeding+house

The super over-the-top and whacky in it's fucked-up-edness feature The Taint, is available through the film's website in multiple formats (digital download, DVD, and even VHS) starting off at the incredibly low price of $5. FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS! Go buy it now or I will send one of the perverted engorged penis killers in the film after you.


Absentia is one of the best horror films made in the past 10 years. Right that down. It plays so well and it gets only better and better with each repeat viewing. Taken again from my aforementioned post:

A film that fantastically combines both the supernatural and the surreal, Absentia will be heavy in my re-watch rotation for years to come. A woman decides to stop the search efforts for her husband after years of looking for him with nary a trace, sign or reason for his disappearance. No one knows why he suddenly up and left one day. Moving into her home is her kid sister, a recovering addict who's looking to start over. On the kid sister's morning jogs, she makes her way through a tunnel which runs underneath a freeway and out to another thoroughfare. It's soon revealed that something inhabits the tunnel and has long pulled lives into its grasp. And when the woman's husband unexpectedly re-appears, after the point he's declared legally dead, this thing comes looking for him. Part supernatural thriller, part Lovecraftian monster tale, Absentia is a unique and classic piece of filmmaking.

You can purchase the film at everyone's favorite mega retailer Walmart for the paltry sum of $9.96. It's not even $9.99. You get a super cheap-o priced flick AND you save fucking 3 cents. Want proof? Here is my camera pic:

Well that's all for now kids. Keep your peepers peeled for another installment of DVDeals (or insert better name here _______).

Cortez the Killer


The Mike said...

Love this. But I have to disagree with you on one point....$9.99 - $9.96 is fucking THREE cents. :P

Planet of Terror said...

Math has never been my strong suit. Corrected.

Jason Bujnosek said...

Suggestion: Degenerate Discs.

Planet of Terror said...

Jason, I like where you're going with this. I love alliteration. Deals on Degenarate Discs? Devilish Deals on Degenerate Discs?

Bill D. Courtney said...

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