Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Corridor (2010)

Fear 5/5
Gore 3/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 5/5

This has long been a film I've wanted to sit down with and experience. Before I had the chance to view it, the film was purported to be a cabin in the woods story unlike any other. It certainly doesn't disappoint on that front. While it does contain a fair bit of familiarity (comparisons to Stephen King's Dreamcatcher are unavoidable), where it differs than most is in its highly cerebral and thought provoking nature. The Corridor is a mind bending and downright chilling affair that will weigh heavily on you for days.

The film tells the story of Tyler and his buddies, looking to escape the trappings of their every day life but more importantly, get away for a guys weekend as its has been some time since they've spent quality time together. There is a bond shared which is easily understood by anyone who has a similar set of friends that have a long history together. But as time goes, so do people, and it's obvious that bonds have frayed a bit. More troubling though is the recent history of Tyler. Just released from a mental hospital and under the influence of heavy medication, he hopes the time with the guys will help heal his wounded heart as he's also coping with the loss of his mother.

To commemorate her, Tyler takes her ashes to a point out in the woods, near a radio tower, and buries them nearby in the surrounding snow. Before he leaves the spot, he notices a peculiar wall, ethereal in nature, its construct is unknown but completely entrancing. Surely it can't be real and Tyler waves it off as a figment of his imagination. It has to be a side effect of his new medication.

Coming back to the cabin, he finds the guys in full swing guy mode: drinking, barbecuing, and goofing around. He's reluctant to tell them what he saw. After all, he was just released from the loony bin and he doesn't want to cause any undue stress on a group that's trying to reform bonds. But he can't help it and he mentions his experience. The boys have a look of initial concern but quickly work to ease his mind and get him to join them in their good time. As the night and our story progresses, we see that it's not just Tyler who has issues. Some have family issues, some have issues with their career and life's direction and another, his best friend, can't bring himself to mention how he's moving away from him.

Just when it looks like our boys weekend is just what the doctor ordered things take a turn for the weird as the rest of the group encounter the wall which has now grown in length and reach. Some of them even come into contact with Tyler's mother. Others experience weird sensations brought on by this other worldly structure. And in the creepiest scene in the film, a video tape is discovered of Tyler's mom before her death, talking strangely and then she turns her attention, looking straight at them. It would seem that this thing in the woods provides a means to elevate one's existence. And it's after them.

Things begin to spiral out of control as Tyler sees his friend's mental faculties completely crumble. They all begin to turn on each other and certain pieces of what happened to Tyler pre-mental hospital come to light. But nothing can prepare you for how the film ends and how realities clash to the point where new ones are created and others are left to crumble in their hollow existence.

The Corridor will shock and rattle you to the core. The film is anything but typical when it comes your standard genre fare and as mentioned, it will bounce off your brain for days. The last act of this film is absolutely brutal and shocking.

You can currently rent The Corridor via various VOD services including Apple TV and Amazon. If you like original, terrifying and thought provoking horror, you won't find much better.

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