Monday, February 13, 2012

Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical (2011)

Fear 0/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 0/5
Creepiness 0/5

It's pretty ambitious, setting out and making a film (of any kind). Making a horror and metal musical, well that takes giganto-sized cajones. While Mr. Bricks seeks to combine two of my favorite things, it doesn't do either one well. At all. Only watch this if you want to torture someone into revealing the whereabouts of a stash of plutonium that Libyans are hiding.

Meet Mr. Bricks. He's a buff, nipple pierced, and full head tattooed muscle bound thug. After being shot in the head by an unknown assailant, he wakes up in a warehouse to find his love, a hooker, gone from the locale of their secret rendezvous. In his anger and heavy metal fueled diatribe, it appears a group of police officers have conspired to take his love and well, I'm not entirely sure what else exactly. The sound is so bad on the screener copy I received, half of the dialogue during the film as well as the words screamed during the musical numbers were completely unintelligible.

Shitty screener copy notwithstanding, there just isn't much of a story here as Bricks stomps around town, looking for the crooked cops and smashing bricks in people's faces. CGI gore is preferred over practical effects and it just adds to the cheapness of the entire thing. And the actual musical numbers, EGADS! It's pain-by-numbers, 2nd rate Hardcore. The only semi-interesting number is the crooked cop who does his best Damaged-era Henry Rollins impersonation. But when Mr. Brick's love kicks in with her own number, my god is it the most unintentionally(?) hilarious thing you've ever heard. It's dying cat awful.

It feels like this was something thrown together with the sheer hope of the concept alone being enough to get people to want check it out. I mean hell, who DOESN'T want to see a heavy metal horror musical? There is just no care at all paid to the story, characters and the one thing it should AT LEAST get right: the music. No doubt the filmmakers may be genuine fans of both artistic genres. But my god if this isn't one of the most terribly executed ideas I've ever come across.

Congratulations Mr. Bricks, you've gained early entry into 'My worst of' 2012 list.

P.S. I don't know how Lemmy sat through this. Give him a medal.

'You Must See This Film.' - Lemmy, Motorhead

Cortez the Killer


StraightToVideo said...

Holy shit! That trailer was silly as fuck! I know you said the movie was bad but does it veer into so bad its good territory?

This looks like it could be unintentionally hilarious.

MarkusWelby1 said...

How did you hear about this one? Very strange! Will Trick or Treat be the closest we get to a true horror metal musical?

Planet of Terror said...

@Straight to Video, no it does not veer into that territory at all. I did laugh out loud during the aforementioned hooker's metal number. But most of the time, I wanted to gouge my eyeholes out.

@Markus, I received a screener from the distributor. Otherwise, I would have never of come across it.

Hard Rock Zombies is pretty darn close. And that is DEFINITELY oh so bad it's good.

Anonymous said...

my favorite hilarious moments in this shit movie are:
-the girl that bricks' undying love is for is just a cop who was undercover as a hooker that he raped the night before... and she's a bit in love with him... conflicted anyway... probably unintentional, funny misogyny there.
-there's a shot with bricks driving a motorcycle on a street, it's very quick and easy to miss but the shot was sped up in post and you can see a guy walk across the street in the background really fast.

anyway yea this movie fucking sucks!

Anonymous said...

saw this in a double bill with Father's Day......let's just say Bricks doesn't even come close to deserving to play side by side with it

Tromafan said...

hey, i saw this movie! i hated it too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you "Anonymous" aka Adam Brooks et al.

Anonymous said...

I feel like this review is pretty typical of the reaction I think this movie is going to get, you either love or hate it lol. I saw this at spookyfest in DC last year with my boyfriend, and I thought it got kind of a bad wrap. I'm not a metal fan by any means, but I thought some of the songs were decent, esp the one you mention where the cop is doing a Henry Rollins, also there's a number by the love interest toward the end that stuck with me. I dunno, this review is a little harsh. It's definitely not the worst movie I saw last year (since I saw it last year, not this year). That honor would have to go to another Troma movie, Jessica Rabid. What a dog turd. Anyhoo, I hope that Troma releasing Mr. Bricks and Father's Day (which has leaked online) is going to be like a resurgence for Troma. Maybe we'll finally be getting something other than dreck!

Anonymous said...

My friends and I saw both movies in TX and Lloyd was really nice, I met him before at conventions he's a really good guy. While I agree that Mr. Bricks should not have been on the same bill with Father's Day, Bricks was still a decent movie. There IS a story there and the musical numbers while too short imo kept the story moving and were related to the plot, like "Once More with Feeling" from Buffy. Bricks was different is that so bad? And isn't Father's Day and Bricks both being released by Troma? Why all the hate? For everyone that bitches that Hollywood sucks, shouldn't the b movie horror community be supporting each other instead of tearing each other down? I don't get it, I see this all the time at Cons too, it's really disappointing and makes everyone look like whiny bitches.

Planet of Terror said...

I appreciate a decently produced b-movie just as much as the next person. But a good film this is not. I appreciate your opposing viewpoint but a bad movie is a bad movie. Just one person's opinion.

And I do support the community at large. Take a minute, look around the site then tell me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Haha I might have to check this out. When you say bad, is it like Chris Seaver/Bill Zebub bad? Is it on DVD yet? You should interview the filmmakers to see wtf they were thinking! There's nothing like a good B Movie bashing!

Anonymous said...

@Planet of Terror - I, too, saw Mr. Bricks in Texas. True, it does not have the same production value or conventional hooks that Father's Day has, but I thought it was a decent effort and certainly not worthy of your over-the-top, amateur review.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the filmmakers want their movie handled with kid gloves. Sounds like Tony Benevento is a fat and untalented man.

Anonymous said...

My friend works at Troma with these guys, and they actually told the cast and crew repeatedly that "this would never be a Troma movie" LOL. They spent the whole shoot bad mouthing both Lloyd Kaufman and Troma, acting like they were shooting "Citizen King the Metal Musical". Then when they realized that no one would ever release this turd they came running back begging Troma to release it LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like these guys swiped a copy of "Father's Day" from Troma and leaked it on line because they are jealous. Very uncool. And very stupid. In the end all you did was lose Lloyd a bunch of money. Money that could have been used to promote your dumb movie.

Anonymous said...

Wow is their no mod for this board? I've been an entertainment attorney in the horror genre for the past 40 years and there are a whole lot of slanderous and libel issues with these comments. Have any of these been verified? Did the writer at least contact Troma or the filmmakers? If so what was the outcome? Updates? There are some serious accusations just pissing in the wind here. If you guys want to leave comments so nobody can accuse you of libel/slander always say "in my opinion," or "I feel." Especially the one commetner who wrote "they spent the whole shoot bad mouthing both Lloyd Kaufman and Troma," if you were called into court, do you have proof of this? Never incriminate yourself online! Example: IN MY OPINION, the writer/moderator of this board needs to take responsibility and seriously look into this issue." I FEEL there is a lot of trolling going on in this board. Always cover yourself!

Your Mother said...

Dear Mr. Entertainment Lawyer in the Horror in the Horror Genre,

Scare tactics don't work, especially if you're targeting them at the author as opposed to the commenters. Do you REALLY think these will be read by more than a small handful of people?

My theory? You're associated with the film and trying to cover your ass.