Thursday, February 16, 2012

Help Finance Haunted

Being the proprietor of this here interwebs blog, I get numerous emails monthly asking me if I'd help spread the word about a fledgling filmmaker's efforts in obtaining money to finance their feature. I'll admit, having a full time corporate day job doesn't allow me to post about each and every one. I'll mention it on Twitter or give a news shout out if and when I can, but by and large, well, the concepts themselves are just plain awful. And I won't post about it unless I myself would (if I had the financing and great script in hand) undertake such an endeavor.

Enter Haunted, a unique take on the found footage sub genre. Before you roll your eyes or say 'Doesn't EVERY found footage film promise to be new and invigorating?', not all films of this ilk have the talent behind it to pull it off. Writers/Directors Brad McHargue and Dan Weissenberger are both accomplished writers, with Brad himself being a highly regarded voice in horror through his work at Fangoria, BloodyDisgusting and as lord and overseer of his own site, Mile High Cinema.

In addition, I had the honor and privilege of checking out an early version of the script and let me tell you, it brings the goods. Not only because it's genuinely scary, but because of the way that the format itself is presented. Here is a brief synopsis which reveals the unique concept:

HAUNTED tells the story of what happens when a group of paranormal investigators finally find what they've been searching for. Andrew, a film student at the University of Michigan, is tagging along with a team of paranormal investigators to document their process for a school project. At first things go according to plan, but as the night progresses, it's clear something in the house doesn't want them there. Taking a unique approach to the concept of "found footage" HAUNTED is presented in a quad-screen/real-time format, showing the audience everything that is occurring inside the house all at once. This bold premise will give the audience, for the first time, the complete experience of what goes on during a paranormal investigation while encouraging repeat viewings, as viewers will be excited to fully see everything they only glimpsed the first time!

If you have the means, even if it's only the cost of a $5 foot long Subway special, I encourage you to donate some coin to make these filmmakers dreams come true. Head on over to the film's KicksStarter page, if you are so inclined. And check out the concept trailer posted below.

Cortez the Killer

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Mike Snoonian said...

I definitely plan on kicking in some money towards this project when I get paid.