Thursday, January 12, 2012

True Nature (2010)

Fear 4/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 3/5

True Nature is a fantastic thriller. A thriller who's true horror lies within the revelation of a broken family unit. A family so morally bankrupt, so oblivious to their actions that it almost costs them the life of their daughter. When their daughter goes missing and then inexplicably comes back after all presume her to be dead, mom and dad carry on as if nothing ever happened. The latter is exposed for the sellout he truly is. And eventually, all hell breaks loose.

Our story begins with the meeting of the incredibly rich and well-to-do Pascal family. Dad is a high powered business man, shrewd but flawed in that he's just made a really bad and shady business decision. Mom is completely controlling over her student athlete daughter, wanting her to act and be a certain way. She's entirely dismissive of her relationship of her boyfriend and wants her to have absolutely nothing to do with him. How this young woman has survived for so long in a controlling, manipulative and dishonest family is anyone's guess.

Just after the father's shady business dealings and subsequent disappointment with people who, quite frankly, shouldn't be disappointed or crossed, our daughter mysteriously goes missing while on a late night run. She isn't seen for over a year until she shows up late one night on the family's doorstep, visibly bruised and scarred. After a few days of trying to adjust, it's right back to the life she knew before. But some internal affects are soon revealed.

Dad is still the ever busy business man. With the daughter trying to reintegrate back into a 'normal' life, it's dear old mom she has to deal with on a day in and day out basis. Mom is still the ever controlling force and she does not want her to reunite with her boyfriend at all. But it's mom's complete obliviousness to the fact that something is 'off' about her daughter that makes things so infuriating. She so wants her daughter to reintegrate back into this life, to so easily be submissive to her wants and desires in terms of how she should behave and live her life that she completely misses the fact that something is deeply wrong with her. At first, we see the daughter as she sleeps at night, a believed to be supernatural presence looms over her as she does. It soon becomes apparent that this entity is more a representation of her fractured and damaged psyche. One that knows full well what dear old dad did and one that can't take another moment of an overbearing and unconcerned mother.

And she begins to push back. At first through words but then through action. Literally, as vengeance is the order of the day and bloody and brutal it turns out to be. The chicken has come home to roost.

The real-life horrors presented in True Nature is what makes it so compelling. Instead of her family looking out for her and protecting her, dad basically sold her up the river and mom could have cared less about whatever was affecting her emotionally when she came back and tried to reintegrate. A fantastic job by the filmmakers to ensure there wasn't a sympathetic bone in our bodies for the husband and wife when the bloodletting commenced. It's these types of films that provide the best horror: the ones rooted in reality.

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Cortez the Killer


Erin said...

I'm not usually into revenge flicks with no supernatural elements, but this sounds like it's worth watching. Great write up!

Anonymous said...

hey I'm Francisco from Spain, i'm not a regular follower of this blog but via the blog roll on too much horror fiction I have read some very informative reviews here, this True nature looks very interesting...

by the way Erin which revenge flicks with supernatural elements are you talking about? Carrie? some slashers?

Planet of Terror said...

Hello Erin, thanks! Did you mean revenge flick w/ supernatural elements? :)

Hola Francisco, thanks for checking us out!

Chris Hallock said...

Enjoyed this one, too, CtK.
I actually meant to hook you up with the film/director at one point, but then life made me busy.
Great write up, man!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cortez! The other day I saw True natura and SPOILER
i think that Marianne was dead at the first of the film, in the past, but this is my personal conclusion. What do you think?