Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shorts and Trailers, Trailers and Shorts!

I have some fantastical trailers and shorts to share with you today kiddos! Happy Halloween Weekend!!

First off is a neat little short film called Slash-In-The-Box. Filmmaker Nick Everhart reached out to me via Twitter (isn't social media just the coolest, like Miles Davis pee your pants cool?) and asked if I'd check out his short. I obliged and was rewarded.

Pop goes the evil and the evil goes pop!

Slash-In-The-Box from Nick Everhart on Vimeo.


Next up, we have a zombie short from the land down under courtesy of filmmaker Cameron McCulloch. Home is about a woman trying to survive a zombie apocalypse while clinging to the memories of a life she once had. But it's revealed that she's harboring a secret that hits much too close to home and it could mean life or death.

"Home" - The Short Zombie Film from Cameron McCulloch on Vimeo.


From Fatal Pictures and Zach Green comes the teaser trailer for their next short film Familiar.This is a production company that you should keep your eyes out for as the folks that are behind it are extremely talented and they continually turn out quality genre films.

Starring the fantastic Robert Nolan (Worm), the film features a man who's plagued by negative impulses due to a series of tragic events. Not much else is known outside of these slim details but if the crazy snippet below is any indication, the folks at Fatal Pictures are going to deliver another solid slice of genre entertainment.

FATAL PICTURES presents FAMILIAR (2011) The Teaser from Zach Green on Vimeo.


Next, is the trailer for the indie slasher film Blood Was Everywhere. The thing that I dig about this trailer is the film feels a lot more gritty than your typical slasher film and has a 70's vibe about it. And I think that's just what the filmmakers were gunning for.

The film will be hitting the theater circuit soon. For more details about it, you can check out the film's website and Facebook pages.


And last but certainly not least, is the link to the latest trailer for Ti West's The Innkeepers. This is the only remaining flick on my list of most anticipated genre releases of the year which I have yet to see.

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