Saturday, August 6, 2011

Start Your Weekend Off Right!

So you may find this hard to believe but I dig things other than horror films. I know, I know. Shocking. One of them is heavy metal. But this post is the furthest thing from jean jackets and bullet belts. The other thing I like is cheesy electro pop. Stuff that's catchy as herpes and gets your head a bobbin'. So how in the eff are both of these related? Well one of my favorite metal blogs, MetalSucks (irony folks) posted a video by some dude named Miles Fisher. Not only are his videos hilarious, but they also have a horror aspect to them.

First up, is the video for his single New Romance. Not only does it have a Saved by The Bell theme (even lifting scenes from the actual show), but the main characters are offed in Final Destination-like fashion.

Next up, is the video for the single This Must Be The Place (a cover of a Talking Heads tune). It features an American Psycho theme (again lifting elements) and features a pretty dead on ringer and impersonation of Christian Bale by Miles himself. The hooker scene in the bedroom is fucking hilarious! ENJOY!


Matt-suzaka said...

Can't say I really like the music all that much, but the videos are flat out awesome! Also, I love Emma Bell.

Planet of Terror said...

Yeah, not everyone's cup o' tea but they're hilarious. Loves me some Ems Bell as well!