Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dream Home (2010)

Fear 3/5
Gore -- It's Off The Mutha Fuckin' Chains!
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 3/5
T&A Factor 2/5

Um, wow. I know I can be prone to hyperbole at times. But hot damn! Dream Home is the most zany, over-the-top, 'holy fuck did that just happen?' modern slasher film I've seen since Inside. Along with it's brutal killings it has completely fucknuts crazy scenes that borderline Dead Alive in terms of cartoony-ness. It will alternately make you squirm and laugh in its ridiculousness. And to top it all off, there is a bit of social commentary going on which will make you think it's not completely implausible in our current keeping up with the Joneses society, no matter how extremely grotesque and insane the film gets.

Meet Cheng. She works a thankless call center position and gets yelled at by people daily when she tries to up-sell existing bank customers with a new service. She also happens to work a part-time job to earn extra money. She has a superficial sexual relationship with an old childhood friend who happens to be a married man. She does so with the hope that he'll loan her some money. All of this is done with the hope that she'll be able to own her own condo in a fancy schmancy area of Tokyo complete with a harbor side view.

Interspersed with her day and night activities, is a bit of a back story. It seems her and her family used to live near the ocean. Even after growing up, she has never let go of a fond dream of one day owning her own picturesque place. She continues her goal as she heads out into the work force but now has to accommodate for her now widowed father and younger brother. But dad's health soon deteriorates and he eventually dies from a revealed sickness, acquired from years of working a factory job. So it's just her and broseph now. And a nice insurance check.

But it isn't quite enough for her to get her dream home. Despite pleas from her lender to look for a cheaper place, she's bound and determined to get a specific condo which she was introduced to by her agent only a few days ago. Against all rational thought (including living within her means), she does the most extreme thing she can think of to get her dream home: kill the tenants! But it's not kill the tenants and just squat in their home. No, no. It's a masterfully planned attack with a focus being on a certain section of the building. The goal? Off as many people as possible in order to bring property values down to a more affordable level. Genius!

Her assault actually begins at the start of our film (it does jump around a bit in terms of timelines) when she offs the night security guard in grisly fashion as she fastens a zip tie around his neck and he struggles with a box cutter to remove it and ends up stabbing himself in the neck. Gnarly. But flash forward and we see her take out a pregnant woman, her adulterous husband and their roommate. She primarily utilizes her trusty utility belt filled with hammers but she'll make due with other items she finds in the house: knives, golf clubs and a vacuum sealer which is used in the pregnant woman's suffocation. Yowzas!

Shit goes off the rails when her party crashing antics takes place with the neighbor next door. Two dopeheads are entertaining two completely smashed girls with the hope that a 4-way will ensue. One of the girls passes out on the couch and one of the guys ditches his buddy with the other girl and exits stage left to the bedroom. After another guy enters the house to deal some drugs, enter our determined home owner and all hell breaks loose. She takes a knife to the drug dealer and promptly disembowels him, stabs and hammers away at the passed out girl who's puked all over the place, and does the same to the other kid who's not getting any tail tonight. What a drag. If you're going to go out that way, might as well have gotten some tail beforehand. Right? Speaking of which, our now banging from behind guy gets one through his back AND has his penis removed and thrown onto the pillow next to our face down female. I won't play the spoils for the other, oh, 3 or so more body counts racked up. But lets just say things conclude with one of the best 2X4 impalements ever committed to film. So does Cheng get away with it and get her dream home? Well, you'll just have to watch silly.

You'll laugh, you'll cry (maybe not) but more likely hurl, Dream Home is one of the most insane horror films I've ever seen, slasher or otherwise. I saw it a few days ago and I still have the compulsive need to shower. The most epic tags ever to appear on a post in 5...4...3...2...1...

BTW, you can check out Dream Home now via NetFlix instant.

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MarkusWelby1 said...

dear lord this looks bizarre. ya gotta love netflix instant for giving us these strange gems!

Planet of Terror said...

It is totally crazy and extremely brutal. In terms of modern slashers, it rivals Inside and may even surpass it.

Matt-suzaka said...

I reviewed this a few months back and it is certainly one of my favorite horror films of the year. You mention how the film jumps around, and while I thought at one point during the movie I would get confused, but it turned out to be very competently done how the story line goes through its flashbacks. Also, they give a lot of depth, and almost a sympathy for the character presenting it in such a way.

Speaking of sympathy, I love how the director makes you feel that way for Cheng, only to bring you back to the reality of what she is doing by showing her do something awful to someone. A prime example is the scene you brought up with the pregnant chick, which was quite disturbing and certainly not for the squeamish.

Greta review for a great film. I'm pumped you dug it, and I hope it gets the attention it deserves now that it's easy to see via Netflix.

Planet of Terror said...

Good point Matt. It does do a great job of making you empathize a bit only to smack (or should I say bludgeon?) you back to reality with a heinous act that's perpetrated.

I hope it gets more notoriety as well. This is one that shouldn't be missed.