Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TrollHunter (2010)

Fear 3/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 3/5

With a summer full of franchises, sequels, fighting robots and lots o' explosions, it’s refreshing to find a film that has the ‘big’ summer movie feel to it just without some of the accompanying bells and whistles. TrollHunter is the most fun I’ve had this year watching a summertime flick. And I didn't actually have to step foot into a theater!

The beginning of our story kicks off with us following a group of documentary filmmakers as they cover stories of illegal bear poaching in the Norwegian countryside. Folks are disgusted at the actions of these illegal hunters and will stop at nothing to catch them in the act. Little do they know it’s all a government backed ruse that's steeped in misdirection, aiming to cover up what’s really going on.

Our filmmakers roll into a mobile trailer park later that day after receiving a report of a man who may know more about what’s going on and may have information about this group of illegal poachers. After being met with silence when they knock on his trailer door, they hang around the site until he decides to head out later. When he does so, they follow him out into the now darkened woods and find that our hunter is dealing with a nuisance far greater than any bear.

The group convinces the rugged and rough man named Hans to let them tag along and document his story and what it is that he does. At first, he’s reluctant but the kids charm him a bit and he thinks it’s high time for the people of Norway to know about what’s really going on. He only has 1 rule: they can’t have the blood of Christians (I had to look up this requirement to see how it fit into the overall folklore). After confirming that neither of them are of the Christian faith (with one of them joking as they ask ‘What about Muslims?’), the group head out together.

As we follow our group in their adventures in staving off a troll advancement (which is pegged as rather odd as they are fairly reclusive), we learn more about Hans and the hazards of his job. No extra pay or health coverage. Long hours, fighting crap weather and terrain, his is a job that is virtually thankless. And to make matters worse, to aid him in getting close to these creatures, he has to concoct a body wash that's made from troll piss. Truly, his is a job that is devoid of any sort of glory or sexiness.

Our adventure gets more hair raising as the group is met with certain peril as Hans must get close to a troll to extract a blood sample (this is part of his 'mission' as scientists seek to understand them more). After this and a harrowing trek through a cave, the ultimate objective still awaits them: kill the 'mega' troll who's destroying the countryside and on the verge of making himself known to the people of Norway. A big no-no.

TrollHunter is the quintessential adventure film and surprisingly, it isn't bogged down or cheapened with bad CGI. The effects are incredible as is the sound. It’s having a limited theatrical run currently and if it’s playing in your area, do everything you can to check it out. It's also available through various VOD services. Check it out. Check it out NOW.

Cortez the Killer


Ryne said...

I posted some news about this a while back when it was coming out and thought it looked a bit like a SyFy original. I wasn't crazy about the CG trolls but it seems like a fun flick.

Michael Williams said...

I caught this on the Internet and I have to agree, it was a blast!

the jaded viewer said...

Solid review CTK. The CGI is clearly surprising and the troll mythology makes it doubly fun.


J. Astro said...

I have been wanting to watch the sheee-it outta this. Can't wait.

Mister Bones said...

Great review, I saw this a while back and loved it. I get to see it tomorrow in Atlanta on the big screen, so excited!

MarkusWelby1 said...

I smell the blood of Christian men....frigging love that! I must see this as I cannot get enough of the found footage horror genre.

Planet of Terror said...

@Ryne, I thought the same when I initially watched the trailer. It isn't anything close to a SyFy original! Def. check it out. It's a lot of fun.

@Michael, certainly was! I can't wait to get it on BluRay.

@Jaded, I was really surprised by the CGI. Like Monsters, I was taken back by how effective it was given the lower budget. Great stuff!

@J, I think this one is def. up your alley.

@Mister Bones, thank you good sir. Lemme know what you think.

@Markus, it's definitely a unique spin and I love how it really plays into the mythology of the country. I dig found footage flicks too and if they keep churning out original films like this, I'll keep coming back for more.