Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

Fear 0/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 1/5
Creepiness 0/5

The first Quarantine was an exact remake of [REC]. Sure, different camera angles were employed and of course, different actors. But it's pretty much the same exact flick. Both films were great in developing tension and fear (gotta tip my hat in the direction of [REC] as I think it did a better job) and both were really solid films. So when [REC 2] came out, it was inevitable that a sequel to Quarantine would soon be announced. However, Quarantine 2 is it's own beast and doesn't follow the storyline of [REC 2] whatsoever. It's problem lies in the fact that it does absolutely nothing to expand upon the original and it's exceptionally dull.

Our film starts off with a group of passengers boarding a plane. Final destination: Nashville. The passengers are pretty much of the garden variety: douchebag dude, token black guy, little kid who's traveling by himself, an old couple, etc. etc. One of the passengers is supposedly a teacher, carrying on his classes' hamster. Why he's carrying a hampster onto an airplane no one knows. Actually, yes you do. 'Cause guess what spreads our infection?

What's a good infection flick without a case of mouth herpes?

After this piece of ridiculousness is discovered, another one of our passengers who's a drunken mess before he even boards the plane, assists the man with putting the cage into the overhead bin and is subsequently bitten. Guess who's going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs first? Before that happens and after take off, absolute nonsense transpires as a couple makes out in their seats and the stewardesses get into an argument with a dude who refuses to get off his cellphone mid-air. Who has witnessed anything like this ever happen on a plane before? OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. I once saw a guy dangle his baby over the center aisle while a plane was taking off. Why the fuck would anyone do that? I digress. My point is this took me out of the film at a time when tensions should have risen.

So our drunken passenger eventually goes all haywire and the passengers band together to take him down and subdue him. They then throw him in the airplane's bathroom. The pilots make an emergency landing at a smaller, nearby airport and almost immediately, they're quarantined (duh) and guarded by some military folks. As you can imagine, more of their party gets infected, one by one they're killed off, people make dumb decisions, and only one gets out. The end.

The only connection between the events in this film and the first is one our supposed teacher watches the events of the apartment lockdown from the first film live from his laptop as it's happening. And there is another mention when it's revealed later in the film who he actually is. But that's about it. It doesn't do itself any favors by not expanding upon what we already know from the original. I appreciate the fact that it tried to be it's own animal as I think it would have crushed under it's own weight had it taken upon the concepts presented in [REC 2]. It's obvious this film geared itself toward's a mainstream release. But as the end product shows, it's only worthy of direct to DVD.

Cortez the Killer


Geof said...

I did a post on the announcement of this film last summer and never heard/read any updates since. Thought they abandoned the project...wishful thinking. DTV is not surprising and also not surprising is that it was terrible. For the uninitiated, listen to the PoT and see REC and REC 2. Steer clear of these.

MarkusWelby1 said...

I've been a huge "Dexter" and Jennifer Carpenter fan of late so I kind of want to watch the first one....do you recommend it?

Punkenglish said...

Great review, as usual; it was lul-tastic. I love the fact that one of the tags is shit-sandwich.

@MarkusWelby1 - I dont think Jennifer Carpenter did that great of a job in Quarantine. Stick to Dexter. Watch REC instead. Manuela Velasco gave a much better performance and is alot hotter, IMHO.

TimTE01 said...

I thought that this was a joke, but I was surprised to see a film called 'Quarantine 2' in ONE theater in my area.

Ironically, 'Rec 2' is coming to DVD now. Was that the plan?

Planet of Terror said...

Sorry for the late response here folks. The corporate rat race kept me down this week.

@Geof, steer clear of this one my friend. And save yourself an hour and some change of your life.

@Markus, Quarantine is def. worth the watch. But REC and REC2 are much better films.

@Punk English, nevermind Markus, he says it better than I do :)

@TimTE01, could be. I wouldn't be surprised. But def. check out REC2. Nothing like Q2 and it completely throws all conventions of an infection film out the window. Seriously, it's great stuff.

Emily said...

Hm. I've seen Flight of the LIving Dead (which is actually decent) so I might bump this one down on the queue until it hits instant. Sounds meh, but like something I'll enjoy while cleaning or playing Scramble.

Anonymous said...

who plays the kid in the movie?