Monday, April 18, 2011

Scream 4 (2011)

Fear 3/5
Gore 5/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 2/5

This film had a lot going against it before it was even released. Re-shoots, re-writes, screenings and more tinkering....and Wes Craven's recent track record. But looming over all of that, one big question pierced through everything like one of Ghostface's lethal jabs: could a film series now over 10 years old be revived and more importantly, would anyone give a shit? Well, according to this past weekend's box office, it appears that very little do. Which is a damn shame because Scream 4 is a lot of fun and the perfect antidote to the constant stream of remakes and uninspired tripe that keeps getting rolled out en masse.

After a couple of false starts and the 'real' beginning to our film, we see Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell hasn't aged a bit!) back in Woodsboro, promoting a self-help book. Along with her 'in it for herself' publicist, they are quickly thrown into the mix as they learn that a twin killing took place the night before. After some artifacts are found in the back of her rental car which leads town Sheriff Dewey to believe that ol' Ghosty face is back, Sidney is advised to stay put. To complicate matters more, her teenage cousin and group of friends have been contacted by him and are believed to be his next targets.

So you pretty much know how this story plays from here on out: our kids (along with a handful of others) are stalked by Ghosty, tons of red herrings abound, and new 'rules' are established. Other reviewers state that they felt like they were pounded over the head with all of the social networking quips as well as commentaries on recent genre fare. For me, it was just right and I loved every one of 'em. This is a straight up middle finger to the current goings on that are taking place in our beloved genre.

Anyways, I won't go too much more into this as really, you need to see it as there are a lot of 'little' surprises before the grand finale. And it's a doozy. One you don't see coming. And it's absolutely brutal. In fact, this one is by far the most brutal and vicious in the series.

For the life of me, I don't understand all of the hate that's being spewed in its general direction by a lot of genre fans. Are we so cynical nowadays that we can't just sit back, relax and have a good time? I'm not saying Scream 4 isn't without faults (the soundtrack irritated me at times and the ending was REALLY drawn out). But for all of the incessant bitching, 10,000,000 blog posts spitting bile at remakes and PG-13 fare, why the hell are we not going out in droves in support of this? Wake up kids, get out, and go see this sucker.

Cortez the Killer


Fred [The Wolf] said...

Thank you! Finally someone who gets it. It was a fun film and nothing more. Was it perfect? Nah. But it's entertainment value was very high. I don't care - this is a DVD buy for me. I still think the ending should have ended 10 minutes sooner for a really cool SCREAM 5 possibility - but what can you do? Definitely my favorite SCREAM film since the first one. Too bad the box office didn't reflect that.

Emily said...

Agreed. It wasn't perfect, but Scream 4 was definitely a fun time and was clearly made for fans who were there from the beginning. I have gripes (mostly the same ones I had for part 3, if you catch my drift) but overall, I had an absolute blast.

Strange Kid said...

Despite critical reviews from the larger review sites, all of my friends (yourself included) seemed to have really liked the new Scream.

I still haven't seen it yet, but I'm certainly convinced that it's well worth my hard-earned cash.

Bryce Wilson said...

Count me in on the liked Scream 4 bandwagon. Like you said it wasn't perfect but I had a blast. I'd say it's head and shoulders above either of the other sequels.

I find the whole "flop" thing to be kind of over exagerrated. It made 20 million dollars, that's a 2 and a 0. I mean I know that's not as much as the other ones. But this wasn't like Sucker Punch, the movie was relatively cheap.

B-Movie Becky said...

I loved it, just like the rest of the series. We so needed this as horror fans - the big F you to the postmodern trends and remakes.

Going in, I was wondering how they were going to really bring anything new to the table. But the wit, commentary on the horror genre, and humor was top notch, incorporating plenty of new ideas.

Not perfect. Not as good as the first Scream, but way better than half the stuff out there.

Chris Hallock said...

Nice write up, CtK. I liked it, too. I went in with low expectations for a number of the reasons you listed, but came out with a smile.

Scream 4 and Insidious have 2011 major release horror off to a much better start than last year.

Geof said...

I'm going to see it this weekend, and after reading so many great reviews, my expectations are soaring. Gotta forget these and tell myself "it's gonna suck" so I can stay grounded. But I need "fun" and from what I have been reading, this one is full of it.

Planet of Terror said...

Thanks everyone. Glad you kids dug it too! And Geof, can't wait to read your thoughts.

Bryce, as far as box office, $20mil. is def. decent but compared to the opening weekends of the Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th remakes, I think its fairly disappointing. I mean those films are terrible and represent what we genre fans have come to hate about modern horror cinema. I thought there would be more folks heading out to see this one.

Geof said...

So as a man true to my word, I saw it this weekend and thought it was just a fun slasher flick. Couldn't help the high expectations so I didn't really start getting into it until the 20 minute mark but I absolutely loved the ending. Great Ghostface reveal too.

enairamern said...

Suspense. Thrill. That got me.