Thursday, March 10, 2011

Score One For The Little Guy!

Dawning is a film I've been babbling about for awhile now. Featuring it on this here blog many a time, other sites that I write for, podcasts as well as mentioning it to everyone that I know including my grandmother, etc. etc. In short, it's an incredible film that hadn't found a distribution home. Until now.....

To read more about the film, it's release as well as the trials and tribulations that the filmmaker had to go through, check out my recent article over at the fabuloso El Bloodsprayer.

Many congrats to filmmaker Gregg Holtgrewe and everyone involved with the production of this fantastic film!

Cortez the Killer

Dawning Movie Trailer from Gregg Holtgrewe on Vimeo.

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Grey @ The dARk HOurs Horror Podcast said...

This is a really great movie! Can't wait to get my copy!