Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Is Evil And Such

So you've probably noticed that my posts have been fairly slim this month. Chalk it up to my corporate day job. It can be a drag sometimes but I love it.

Anyways, I thought I'd get a discussion going seeing as how I've had little time to put a serious dent in my screener pile. The wife and I caught the recent Best In Film: The Greatest Movies of Our Times show on ABC this past Sunday. In it, they counted down the top 5 movies (by genre) based on America's votes (allegedly). They also had some stupid top fives like Best Kiss and other stuff normally reserved for the MTV Movie Awards.

Anyways part deux, they kind of teased you with snippets leading you to think there was going to be a list of top 5 horror films. Instead, it was labeled as best Thriller/Suspense with the likes of Silence of The Lambs and Jaws sharing space alongside Pulp Fiction. WTF? Seriously. This aversion to labeling anything horror needs to stop. Arguably, the genre has never been more popular. Why does it continue to be a black sheep? Shit, if metal has it's own category at the Grammy's, why the hell can't horror be acknowledged?

Did you check out the show and what are your thoughts?

Cortez the Killer


Mrs. Hall said...

I blame the 500000 sequels to Friday the 13th, this makes the horror genre just seem to silly to warrent an award.

I also blame SAW. Seriously, this film makes the horror genre seem like just an excuse to film torture porn.

There are many many many shades of awesome in horror movies in between. Many many other elements worth loving up and digesting.

But alas, I dont' think people know this. Which is why blogs like this are so important.


Iffn you every need help with that screener pile, I humbly and respectfully submit my services for guest blogging.

I also have zero credentials and lots of opinions. :)

my email is butcher(dot)hollow(at)gmail

take care all and lets hope people realize what the have in front of them.

and start awarding it rightfully. :)

Matt-suzaka said...

I didn't see the show and it sounds like I am happy that I didn't. I've always had a major distaste for masking the horror genre's achievements in pop culture as thriller/suspense.

You know what though? I hate when horror fans cannot give props to films that walk the horror line, claiming them to not be real horror. A perfect example is Black Swan. If I were to do a straight top horror films of 2010, it would be on it because it's essentially a horror film, but because it's Oscar caliber, (some) fans seem to reject it.

Heck, I've heard a few genre film fans refer to a film like Martyrs, claiming that it's not really horror because it's too existential and deep. Every genre has its great and not so great films, and being great, smart or meaningful, doesn't mean that it's a different genre.

Bah, I'm getting all mad now!

Fred [The Wolf] said...

I agree with Matt above. I consider BLACK SWAN horror since it definitely walks that line, yet it got discredited because mainstream actors starred in it and mainstream awards were given to it. It's really ridiculous.

The problem with horror is all the little sub-genres that go with it. Like SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - is it horror or is it a crime-thriller? Isn't it both? No one will agree on that. I think the genre has blurred with other genres to the point where that line where horror truly begins has been blurred.

However, I do find it silly that PULP FICTION is on a thriller/suspense list with SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and JAWS. How is PULP FICTION a thriller or a suspense film? It's a great film but I would have never labeled it that.

It's sad that the genre that makes studios the most money and has the most loyal fanbase continues to be treated like shit because it doesn't have the best acting or the best cinematography. I'm glad I didn't watch this show. I would have been pissed off.

Cortez The Killer said...

@Mrs Hall, sequels are a part of the game kid. I get what you're saying though. How can you take something so seriously when it starts to border on self-parody after so many sequels?

I just might have to enlist your services!

@Matt, no doubt you would have hated it. The show literally teased you for the first hour with snippets making you think you were getting a little slice of horror pie. And all you got was a stinky shit sandwich.

I hate those ignorant types of fans as well. I don't see how anyone in their right mind could call Black Swan anything BUT a horror film. The scene where Winona is jamming the nail file into her facehole? Jesus christ.

Now I'm getting REALLY mad! Martyrs isn't horror because it's too existential? That's just pure fucking hogwash. Show me those people who say that and I start throwing haymakers! I mean that's just dumbing down the horror fan to imply that they can't 'get it' or that it has no place in the genre. That makes me sick.

@Fred, I get the genre lines blurring part and it certainly is more prevalent nowadays with films like Shutter Island and Black Swan. But there are great films that are definitively horror that should get recognized. It shouldn't be THAT hard. But I also think that religion plays a part in the mainstream non-recognition part of it. But that's a whole other topic.

As for Pulp Fiction being labeled as you described, yeah, real head scratcher. My jaw was on the floor. Total WTF moment.

I was seething. My wife was laughing. She thinks I take things like lists too seriously which I do. But if you are going to roll out a show that is THAT definitive, come on, give horror it's just due.

Oh, and the Shining made that same category. That is NOT a fucking suspense/thriller.

Mrs. Hall said...

My question is, what are the basic compenents of a horror film? What makes it horror versus thriller?

Level of violence? Use of psychological constructs to perpuate story line? Must there be a evil force looming over the film?

And why do people feel depth is an automatic invalidator of the horror label?

oooohhh so many questions . . . :)