Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Long Pigs (2007)

Fear 3/5
Gore 5/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 5/5

Long Pigs follows the exploits of one Mr. Anthony McAlistar, a serial killer and self-proclaimed connoisseur of human meat. In tow, are two documentarians who (at first) are disgusted by his habits. As they come to know Anthony and his philosophies on eating human flesh, they begin to accept him, not only continuing on as willing accomplices but also seeing the merits of his particular lifestyle.

From the get-go, we like Anthony. A completely unassuming yet charming character. That is, until he goes into serial killer and then subsequently, butcher mode. In addition to his philsophies, he is carefully methodical, precise in his cuts and portioning of his eventual eats. This is a man who is dedicated to his lifestyle no matter the risk because the reward, in his mind, is far greater.

Interspersed with some of the onscreen proceedings, are commentaries from local law officials and psychiatrists. The latter of which, attempts to put McAlistar into the same category as your garden variety serial killer. The type that wants to be 'recognized' and 'glorified' for their efforts. But the thing about him, even though he has a camera following him around, is that he isn't really interested in that. The way he presents himself and his lifestyle is no different than a vegan who ascribes to and abides by a healthier way of living. And therein lies the true horror of the film.

However, things begin to unravel for our filming duo as they begin to realize that Anthony's philosophies and past stories actually come into conflict with one another. This is most apparent in the revelation of a local girl who went missing and Anthony's admission that she was his first victim. This doesn't sit well at all with our filmmakers. They've had enough. But just when we think that filming is over, Anthony turns the tables on his documentarians.

Disturbing, disgusting with a bit of dark humor thrown in for good measure, Long Pigs is an instant classic for me. My favorite part of the film is a sped up, time elapsed, sequence in which Anthony strings up and strips the meat from his latest victim, all set to the sounds of The Nutcracker (although, I'm not a ballet expert so please, correct me if I'm wrong on the actual number). I wish I'd discovered this film sooner.

Cortez the Killer

Long Pigs Official Trailer HD 480p from on Vimeo.


Sir Jorge said...

sounds like my type of movie

the jaded viewer said...

Damn I need to see this. I haven't seen you rate a flick with a flurry of 5's in a while.

Emily said...

I also really enjoyed this one. Great lead performance and I'm always impressed when a film brings something new to what seems like it should just be another trendy horror movie. Good stuff indeed.

Mike Snoonian said...

Such a good film. The sped up dressing scene is so fucking fantastic, as is the first kill in the film.

Also loved the shot of our lead when he's holding the boom mic during the interview of the unsuspecting parent of one of his victims.

Carl Manes said...

Just watched this one myself, and had a blast with it! Very witty and smart, though it suffers from having been released after BEHIND THE MASK.

Clowns After Midnight said...

Hey guys thanks for the kind words. We're on facebook if anyone ever wants to chat or has questions.

Bon Appetit ya'll

Clowns After Midnight said...

Yo horror fans - hats off to Mr.Manes for his kind words. Nice to see such kudos from real hard-core horror fans. Anyhow we're around on facebook if anyone ever wants to chat.

Bon Appetit ya'll!