Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Very First Episode Of The Planet Of Terror Podcast!!

Yes indeedy fine ladies and gents. The Planet of Terror podcast is here and ready to take over the world, slappin' sucka MC's! Not really. Because as you'll see, the very first one has a few glitches. Namely:

1. A false start cuts into an awkward lead-in
2. Voices cut in and out sometimes
3. My extreme nervousness and
4. I forgot to signoff with a proper 'goodbye'

But it's all a learning process, and thankfully, my guests were here to save the day.

This will be a fairly regular occurance on the blog with me and my partner in crime trading off hosting duties. We'll talk with writers, directors, actors and lots of our fellow cohorts in the blogosphere world. And hopefully, at some point, we'll start doing these live and fielding calls from listeners.

For the 1st episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer/Caterer Adam Rehmeier and Actress Rodleen Getsic. Both were involved in the production of The Bunny Game. It's one of the most disturbing horror films I've ever seen (review here).

The interview was really interesting, going in directions I hadn't anticipated. Click play and learn how this nightmarish film came together. And hear Rodleen do a fine imitation of a death metal vocalist.


Copyboy said...

Hey this is great. Hope you have many more.

Matt-suzaka said...

Sweet, love Death Metal imitations...can't wait to listen!

Emily said...

So excited!

Joe Monster said...

Awesome work, home skillet! I'd be nervous if I were you too, but I can definitely tell this series is destined for greatness. Keep up the great work and can't wait to see your next bitchin' episode!

Gosia said...

Great work!
I really like it!