Friday, December 17, 2010

Interview: Drew Bolduc, Writer/Director/Actor; Dan Nelson, Director 'The Taint'

Simply put, The Taint is the foulest, most disgusting piece of trash I've witnessed this year (see review here). And it was a lot of fucking fun. It's wacky, hilarious and what a good horror movie should be: shocking and offensive. Well, I'd say its only offensive to those who watch it and simply don't get it.

I recently had the opportunity to interview the brainiacs behind this filthy production. Here is what they had to say about the making of the film, audience reaction to it and how they fashioned those marvels cocks.

Warning: This is the dirtiest interview we've ever posted. You may want to shower afterwards.

Cortez the Killer: So how did the idea for this wonderfully disgusting piece of filth come about? I always thought people from Virginia were boring and overall, pretty mellow.

Drew Bolduc: I kept seeing a bunch of super misogynistic student films, so for a long time I wanted to make one that was just so ridiculously misogynistic, that it couldn’t be taken seriously. I also wanted to make a horror movie separately, so I just ended up mashing the two ideas together.

CTK: The practical effects in the film are just freaking phenomenal. Better than most films with bigger budgets in fact. It’s one thing to make a film but to be fairly skilled at practical effects, well I’ve just gotta shake your prosthetic Johnson. How the hell did you come up with all of that stuff?

Dan Nelson: Well, actually most of the effects were done with digital compositing. We’d shoot the practical effect, like a styrofoam head (carved out, painted, and filled with blood), then we’d shoot the same shot again with the actor. I would take the shot into after effects and match up the movement of the actor to the practical effect frame by frame. The shot on top would slowly be removed using rotoscoping until the two shots became one.

Drew: For the penis or blood sprays we used a CO2 refillable whipped cream canister, which we filled with fake blood or semen. I used those when I used to work at Starbucks.

CTK: Did you buy out a sex shop’s entire stock of dildos or were each of the penises handcrafted?

Dan: Haha! Most of the penises were one of three dildos. We bought a ton of dildos that didn’t look as good for the scene with all the extras, then cut those up and used them for cock explosions. We also built paper mache penises. This gave us a very thin cock that we used for exploding cocks.

Drew: My brother handcrafted some of the cocks. He used molds and some kind of balloon rubber I think.

CTK: Have you gotten this into the hands of John Waters yet and does he approve?

Drew: Not yet, but I really hope that he does.

CTK: Speaking of, who are some of your filmmaking influences?

Drew: Definitely John Waters, Sam Raimi, Troma, Shinya Tsukamoto... Tetsuo: The Iron Man was a big influence on this movie. It really got me into the mindset that I could make an epic as hell movie with no money. It made me put no limitations on what I thought I could do. I also just love seeing movies that remind me that you can do anything at any time in a movie.

CTK: What liquid-y concoction did you use for the man baby batter?

Drew: Flour in water.

Dan: It works really well, but is essentially a glue when it dries. Some people use it to glue paper to walls of buildings as graffiti, so it’s not something you want to get in your hair.

CTK: How did you shoot the vaginal POV scene? Oh lawd amighty that was bonkers.

Dan: We bought a fake vagina. We bought it so we could do exterior shots of it. The back end is open and it was a big enough for the lens to fit inside and the material was transparent enough that light would come through. We weren’t sure if we could actually use the shot for anything, but the Misandra sex scene wasn’t working, so we put it in as a placeholder. We showed it once at the premiere and people liked it, so we kept it in.

CTK: What has reaction to the film been like? Has there been anyone you’ve severely offended? Any family members keeping you off of this year’s Christmas card list?

Dan: There have been a few people that really didn’t like it for various reasons. Surprisingly, the overall reaction has been very positive. Our families have been supportive, considering what it is. I’m not sure how many of them actually understand what it is we made.

Drew: My mom is stoked on the movie. My parents are pretty into it.

CTK: What’s next for The Taint? I’d like to think there are still people out there who, if they gave it a chance, would find it a very pleasurable experience.

Dan: We’re just going to keep pushing it and hope that more people that would want to see it get a chance to.

Drew: We are going to offer the movie up as a digital download, but we don’t know when just yet.
CTK: Any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?

Dan: Not yet. We’re distributing the movie ourselves so we’re still working on the movie full time. There are some things we’ve been talking about doing. Maybe something which mixes compositing with puppets. Jessi, who was third in command on The Taint has been working on a script, so we’ll see where that goes.

Drew: I’ve been itching to do a children’s show.

For more information on how you can experience The Taint, check out the film's website:

Cortez the Killer

The Taint Trailer (NSFW) from Dan Nelson on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Good work! Hope this crew comes out with more, The Taint is probably the most fun independent film to come out in the past 4 years.

Carl Manes said...

Love that the film is getting so much coverage, such a friggin outrageous splatterfest! Great interviews gentlemen!

the jaded viewer said...

Awesome interview. The fact they've went straight to the horror blogging community to get the word out says volumes. They know if we like it, other horror fans will to.

Cortez The Killer said...

Thanks guys! And yes Jeff, what a great job of getting the word out through us, the hardcore nerdy horror fans. Can't wait to see what theys guys come up with next.

Geof said...

This film was f'n insane and I loved every frame of it!

Good interview as well. This is something that all horror fans should check out at some point if they can get a copy. And I can't wait to see what they come up with next either.

scary film review said...

wow, you scored an interview? i loved this film, it was a true gem for me and my humble blog