Thursday, November 18, 2010

Help My Broheim Matt

Matt House, AKA The Dancing Destroyer, The King of Sting, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Master of Disaster, and of course, the proprietor of the always wildly entertaining blog, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, is in a contest with his fiance and a few other couples (whew, that was a lot of commas!). They're in a contest to win a dream wedding and they need YOUR help to win. Their story is a bit different from some of the other people in the contest. You see awhile back, Matt was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. In a completely selfless act, his fiance gave him (and saved him) with one of her kidneys. They've been together longer than a lot of married couples and due to a bit of a financial pickle, they've never been able to afford a decent wedding. So they decided to enter this contest for the heck of it.

Well they've now advanced to the 2nd round and could use your support and more importantly, votes. As a man who got married this year to the woman of my dreams, I am lucky and fortunate that we were able to do so with great health and our own accord. I can't begin to imagine what they've been through as a couple but it's a testament to them that they keep on keepin' on. Matt has been a long time supporter of this blog and he's one of the most genuine people that I've met within the blogosphere. And he's on the short list of people I'd like to meet in 'real' life.

It only takes a couple of clicks to register and you can vote daily until Nov. 28th.

Thanks for your support mighty followers!

Cortez the Killer


Matt-suzaka said...

You're the man, CTK! I really appreciate you taking the time to put something like this on your own blog. You are a man of true myth and might!

Monster Scholar said...

I second that emotion.

Theron said...

Best of luck in all regards, Matt. You guys have my vote!

Geof said...

Matt is someone I want to meet in person one day as well. Hilarious writer and seems like a genuine dude. Long time follower of my site as well. And I had NO idea about his story. Wow. I will try to help out and hope he wins this thing!!! Mattsuzaka 4EVA!