Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And The Winners Are....

Sweet holy molasses! You guys made this one really hard. You shared with me some super spectaculoso stories regarding your drive-in memories.

I hemmed, I hawed and I pawed it about. And after long consideration (read: 5 minutes), I've decided that the winners of the Drive-In Horrorshow DVD giveaway are:

Michele P:

'Back in the 80's we used to go to the Winslow Drive In-at the time, Texas chainsaw Massacre was at its peak and happened to be playing one weekend. My cousin and I decided to head to the drive in to watch it since we both love horror movies. What he didn't tell me was that he'd brought along a chainsaw. So there we were sitting in the car watching the movie and he gets out to go to the bathroom. I heard him fumbling around in the back of the car but engrossed in movie, really didn't think much about it. Other couples were busy watching the movie... and doing other things that we all know went on at the drive in. Just as the movie was getting good, I heard a chainsaw start up-WAY too close. Not very safe, but there was my cousin, mask and all, parading around the parking lot with a stupid chainsaw. OMG, you should have seen people take off and others jumping out of their cars in various stages of undress... it was a riot. Even the nice officer that came and gave him a stern warning. It was a very interesting night!'



'I grew up in Alaska, and for obvious reasons, Drive-In's are not a very popular form of recreation up here, as the freezing cold in winter and an appalling lack of interest in summer keeps it from latching on. So it was not until I was nineteen and was visiting my family in Washington state that I got to go to my first drive-in. It was something else. We saw Lake Placid. While the movie was okay, it was really all about how the movie was watched. Me, my three cousins, and one cousin's fiancee set up chairs in the back of a pick-up truck and drank beer that we had smuggled in. Being able to make noise during a movie while sitting in the pleasantly cool evening was amazing. We talked, laughed, and tried unsuccessfully to ignore the not-so-secret goings on in the volvo about ten feet away from us. The scent of hot dogs and popcorn coming from the snack shack reached out to us from the other side of the drive-in, watching that giant crocodile snack on a bunch of horny morons gave us some appetites of our own. We sent one of our number (the only one who had seen the movie before) out to bring back our food. He came back with most of it, having dropped my nachos in the grass. As I recall, the movie was merely okay, the hot dog made me ill, and I left wishing that I had a volvo of my own. But I knew that if I could have, I would have been at that Drive-In every week of my life. I heard a few years ago that that wonderful theatre where I lost my drive-in virginity was torn down. It is news that still tugs on my heart strings, as a very fond memory of mine still sits in that vacant lot.'

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Congrats kids!

Cortez the Killer

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Michele P. said...

thanks, we still love the Drive In and head to the Skowhegan Drive In in Skowhegan Maine a few times each summer...