Friday, October 1, 2010

Save The Boobies!

We're huge fans of the dopetastic, thread creatin', t-shirt slinging fiends over at Fright Rags. As of right now, YES RIGHT NOW, you can purchase one of their latest and greatest t-shirts which is being sold in support of a good cause. Just check out the neat-o design. Combining the Bride of Frankenstein along with one of the most iconic magazine covers of the past 20 years? Fantastico!

A friend of the folks who run the joint is fighting against an aggressive case of breast cancer. On top of that, her husband lost his job and they are struggling to take care of their bills and two youngins. ALL proceeds from the sale of the shirt goes directly to the family.

This hits close to home for me as I've watched two family members fight through this terrible disease. And chances are, you know of someone who has been through it themselves or worse yet, fallen victim.

The horror blogging community is rallying around this cause. And you should too. I try not to ask too much out of our readers, but if you can spare the extra lunch money, please do so. And that t-shirt design is pretty killer, no?

The t-shirt can be purchased through this here linky:

Cortez the Killer

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Carl Manes said...

That is awesome of FR to get in on that, and a great looking tshirt!!