Wednesday, October 27, 2010


About 2 months back, I posted a review for a film that gave me a couple of sleepless nights. It rattled and unnerved me, much in the same way that Lake Mungo did. Hands down, In Memorium is the best indie horror film I've seen in 2010.

I recently conducted an interview with writer/director Amanda Gusack for The Bloodsprayer. I invite and encourage you to check it out and to support a much deserving filmmaker and film.

The film itself has finally received distribution and a release date which will be announced on Halloween. And for a full 24 hours, you our fair readers, will be able to stream the first 16 minutes of the film through this very interwebs page for free.

You're welcome and goodnight.

Cortez the Killer


Carl Manes said...

Heading over there now Cortez! Looking forward to seeing the film, too!

kungfudonut said...

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