Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Metal Moments In Horror History

Meet Martin. He's a total loser. When he's not getting pooped on by his manager at work, he daydreams of being a rock n' roll star. The only problem: he can't play guitar worth shit.

So what's the world's biggest uber dork going to do? Make a deal with the devil and a voodoo priestess of course. Enter a best metal moment in horror history when he comes face to face with his new persona. He meets the new 'him', who's sporting a dual guitar and two half naked chicks around each leg. Now that's fucking metal!

Martin then kicks out the lead singer of another band that is totally lame and incredibly homoerotic. Like a cross between Jim Morrison and Boy George. But his new found gig comes with a price: he's turned into a demon who's gotta feed on other people.

Check out Shock 'Em Dead if you've never seen it before. A ton o' fun. Oh, and the guitar solos (performed by Micheal Angelo Batio) are ludicrously over the top.

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Strange Kid said...

Now THAT looks like some cheddar-ific fun! I think its funny that 3/4 of the trailer is nothing but words "Shock 'em Dead" and "Traci Lords."

Gotta love some of that Traci. ;)

Emily said...

Love Traci!
Never seen this, gonna have to check it out.

Geof said...

Haha I saw this when I was a freshman in high school, which is like a LONG time ago. Have to admit I rented it to see Traci Lords (even at the "new release" price). To be honest, I remember the gist of it but the one scene that sticks out in my mind is when he is playing Purple Haze (I thunk it was that) with the double axes and me laughing my ass off. Thanks for digging this one out of the video graveyard.

The Film Connoisseur said...

I recently had a Heavy Metal Horror night watched Black Roses, tons of fun assured! This sounds like it would make for yet another fun Heavy Metal induced watch, Im gonna give it a shot, thanks for the mini review.

HEavy MEtal and HOrror go just great together, now if I could only get my hands on Rocktober Blood!