Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet The Horror Bloggers: Geofree Capodanno, Enter The Man-Cave

Meet The Horror Bloggers is an ongoing series, dedicated to bringing you the folks behind some of the web's best horror blogs.

Another blogger who doesn't focus solely on horror, Enter The Man-Cave is a fun and refreshing read when you need an escape from all the blood and guts. Savor his tasty reviews of new beer he's come across or laugh at the latest spam email he's received in his inbox. But don't let the non-horror related posts fool you. This is one passionate fan of the genre. When he does post about horror films, his love for them is pretty apparent. I mean a man that says he loves Hard Rock Zombies has to be legit, right? --No sarcasm intended, we LOVE that film!

Geof makes a rare appearance out of The Man-Cave and lands on the Planet of Terror:

Anyone who has ever read Enter The Man-Cave, ETMC, 'The Cave', whatever you want to call it, knows that my blog is not always about horror. Sometimes I write comedic stuff, review new beer my taste buds just experienced or whatever craziness is floating around my brain at the time. I also have a keen interest on watching some god awful flicks that I feature in some parody laden posts, such as Amateur Hour and Electric Avenue Reviews.

My blog has been called non-genre specific by some horror bloggers and that's cool with me. But the majority of the blogs I follow are horror-related, most of my posts are horror-related and some of my closest blogger buds maintain horror-related blogs. Hell, I am even a proud card carrying member of the HBA! (HBA East-Side! Represent!) So in the immortal words of the great Severyn from Near Dark, trust me when I tell you that I 'Know what side of the bread my butter's on.' Since I am submitting this post for one of my favorite blogs and one of my favorite blogger buds, I am going to focus on the horror-loving side of my persona.

Here's the funny but honest truth about how I got into horror films. Growing up, I watched horror films, albeit reluctantly. I say that because I would watch them even though I knew I would be scared to death later on at night when I would try to go to sleep. Freddy Krueger, Barlow from Salem's Lot, Michael Jackson with cat eyes in Thriller (and I could go on and on with this list) used to scare me shitless. Hell I used to be scared JAWS was in my 4 foot above ground swimming pool. Let's say that I am not proud of my sissy-boy days of youth.

This bitch-assedness continued until my older sister, a huge genre fan back then, sat down with me and watched ANOES 1 and 2, the latter just released on VHS. It's funny how immediately after I watched those films, I lost my fear of horror almost instantly. The negative intensity turned into obsession with the genre. Late nights scared of horror films became late nights staying up to anxiously watch cable horror flicks instead. Then I rented every horror film I could off the local video stores' shelves. My comic book money had to be rationed to buy Fangoria mags. Horror replaced Sci-Fi as my favorite genre. And the pattern for the rest of my life was set in stone.

One night I went on a date at Cinema 141, a now defunct local theater in my hometown that always played horror films, to see Return of the Living Dead 2. Having been a fan of ROTLD and never watched Evil Dead before, I was disappointed to learn that ROTLD 2 had sold out because we got there too late for the last showing. I talked my girl into going to see ED 2 to at least salvage the night. What I didn't realize was that Evil Dead 2 would begin a turning point in my life, as strange as that might sound. I remember leaving the theater feeling like I had been on a rollercoaster ride and thought to myself 'I want to write something like that. I want to create something like that.'

Then I wound up spending a lot of time writing short stories and used my savings to buy a camcorder and start shooting horror shorts with my friends. That evolved into me buying books to learn photography, lighting, editing and even learning how to write screenplays. My first screenplay was called Hell-o-ween and I prayed the band would not sue me if the script was ever bought and released by a studio. Of course that never happened so no worries there. The story was about a small group of friends whose town is overrun by resurrected zombie-like demons. It's about as original as any shark film made after JAWS, but it definitely is something that I am very proud to say I wrote at such a young age.

Fast forward to several years later when I yearned for another hobby as an creative outlet. That's when ETMC was born. My wife is the one who got me turned on to blogging by pushing me to start one in the first place. I never read any blogs before thus had no direction on what exactly to write about. I remember my first instinct was to write about horror films, but didn't think anyone would want to read a blog about horror films. Little did I realize that there were many other people on this great planet that also had a strong pulse on the horror genre and even moreso than I did. Reading content on their sites is a daily indulgence that I cannot give up on any time soon. One of the greatest highlights of this year has been meeting some bloggers in person at the Monster-Mania convention and thus meeting some really awesome people who I probably never would have known existed had it not been for the epic bloggerverse we all frequent.

I am not really a huge diehard fan of some of the recent horror flicks that have been flooding the cinemas with the recently rejuvenated horror craze. Most of my favorites are a part of the older school of the genre as well as those that borderline on horror-comedy. Some of my personal favorite horror flicks include the Evil Dead trilogy, JAWS, Return of the Living Dead, Night/Dawn/Day of the Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors as well as the original, Halloween, Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives, Near Dark, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre ('74), Hard Rock Zombies, REC, Paranormal Activity...and I will stop there. These flicks are the favorites that instantly pop out of my head, but there are a great deal more as well.

In closing, I want to graciously thank my man JC for inviting me and ETMC to be highlighted on his site's excellent feature post. It is truly a wonderful thing to be listed among the ranks of some great bloggers in the bloggersphere, all of which I'm happy to say that I follow.

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Strange Kid said...

Hands down, Geof is one of the coolest bloggers I've had the pleasure to meet online since starting Strange Kids Club so it's great to learn a little more about his "origin story." Though, I would've figured it had more to do with being "rescued after eons on ice by three buxom teenagers" (wrong cave?), but this version sounds good too, haha.

It's awesome to hear how ED2 altered the course of your writing/blogging future. Army of Darkness had a similar effect on me back when I caught it on VHS.

Matt-suzaka said...

And just when I thought I couldn't love Geof anymore! Fantastic and I too had many of the same horror experiences that you had growing up.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Evil Dead and Fangoria rock! Good stuff, Geof.

Crazy Brunette said...

Oh god!!! I am such a little bitch when it comes to horror movies!

I can't do it, they scare the ever living FUCK out of me!

Chucky! are you fucking kidding me??? I had to take every single on of my Barbies AND dolls out of my room after that shit!

the jaded viewer said...

Geof's posts on SPAM are HIL freakin LARIOUS. Nice profile dude.

Cheeseboy said...

Great interview. ETMC rules!

Erik said...

Awesome read,awesome blog Geoff has going!Props!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I think it's safe to say that we all want to see Hell-o-ween get made.

I wish I was more passionate about movies, I mean I am but not to particular one genre.

iZombie said...

Man-Cave, is the place where the pulse is...Geof is one of the those cool guys who i hope to achieve his cool status someday!


Hart Johnson said...

I'm not a huge fan of WATCHING horror (though I can enjoy the tongue in cheek stuff like Zombieland) but I LOVE reading it. And I'm only a little afraid of the Man Cave, but that is because I have control issues about the remote. Just pick a show and WATCH IT DAMMIT! None of that manly short-attention-span channel flipping! *cough* but Geof amuses me... so there.

Geof said...

10 comments?! I am shocked! But even more shocked that none of those comments included "that stupid f'n jackass!"

Thanks for the interview and thanks for letting me participate in the awesome that is PoT, Cortez!

Jules said...

Great feature and what a fine pick (considering that’s my hubby ;)! I can attest to some of the ridiculous movies I’ve seen on the TV in the actual “man-cave”. He definitely has a passion for all horror, whether it’s the kind that is good or the kind that’s so bad that it’s good.

Kent said...

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