Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet The Horror Bloggers: Joe Monster, From Beyond Depraved

Meet The Horror Bloggers is an ongoing series, dedicated to bringing you the folks behind some of the web's best horror blogs.

For this week's installment, we focus on a blog that just oozes love and passion for the genre, From Beyond Depraved. I love a horror blog in which the writer's style conveys a childlike glee with just about every word that's written. Joe Monster's passion for horror is apparent in just about every post: whether it's a review for a film or a book or whether it's talking about why he loves a particular sub-genre of horror. For evidence, look no further than his recent standout post about werewolves which makes the inner kid in me all giddy.

Joe Monster steps out of the darkness and into the light:

It seems like horror has always held its dark, twisted roots in my life for as long as I can remember. Some of my first childhood memories are of hearing the piercing shriek of the green-faced Wicked Witch of the West and staring at the rotting cadaver known as the Cryptkeeper on my television set in New York. But, like many fans of the genre, the deal was sealed the minute I began watching the classic Universal Horror films from the 30’s and 40’s. First seeing a masked Claude Raines stalk about the backstage shadows, I was soon obsessing over bloodthirsty Transylvanian aristocrats and dusty mummies shambling forth from their ancient tombs. I’ve been writing for just as long. I would make it a habit to not only compose illustrated “books” of the movies I loved, but I would also force my family members into re-enacting those very same chillers in home made movies with my siblings and I as the stars of the show. Even the family dog was utilized for scenes requiring werewolves of the four-legged persuasion. The Goosebumps series of R. L. Stine was always an inspiration to me and I longed to write tales of my own of the spooky and weird. Though I do enjoy penning pieces of putrid fiction, in the end I find the most enjoyment by simply discussing the multiple and diverse facets of the thing I love the most: horror. And that’s where the blog comes in.

I started reading horror blogs almost on a fluke one night. I was really impressed by the level of sophistication and knowledge of the genre that some of these writers had. I had always wanted to make a horror website, so the minute I spotted that 'Create Blog' button I cried out 'By Jove, I think it can be done!' I’m kind of temperamental like that. Surprisingly though, I didn’t become bored with it after five minutes or so. I actually stuck with it. Can you believe it? The name actually came from a horror anthology comic that I planned on writing (that was one of dem temperamental things, ya see). It kind of perfectly captured the type of personality I have and the atmosphere I wanted for the blog. It’s ghoulish, it’s insane, and it’s all written by someone who loves horror so much that he doesn’t know what to do with half this junk he rambles about! And apparently he talks in the third person. The madness!

One of the things I’m trying to accomplish with From Beyond Depraved is to cover the horror genre in all its media forms. Sure, that might be setting myself up for disaster. But what can I say? I’m a huge fan of reference guides and books and I’ve always wanted to emulate that in that website I never got around to doing. Some people are never made aware that horror extends beyond the boundaries of cinema. In my own humble way, I just want to expose my readers (all five of them) to all the other things horror has to offer. In books, television, comics, music, video games, old time radio, and I’m even considering adding a theatre section to the site in the future. I want to be able to invite horror fans in for conversation ala FDR’s cozy fireside chats. We can talk solemnly on the foundations and fundamentals of genre entertainment or we could have a rib-tickling good time joking about the lighter aspects of it. Either way, I just want to have a good time and inspire others to do the same. That’s the beauty of horror. Underneath that gruesome mask of mutilation lies a skull grinning ear to ear, just a fella looking for good ol’ depraved fun. I’ve just gotten started at this whole blogging game but I’m already in love with it. I’ve gotten the chance to talk and work with some extremely cool people. Each comment I receive makes my day shine a little brighter and reasserts the fact that I am a strong, confident, and independent woman. What more could I ask for? I’m basically keeping a journal of mad ravings on my more-than-likely unhealthy obsession with monsters. And people actually read it too! Thank you, enablers! In all seriousness though, I do want to just give a shout out to all those who have supported me in just the last few months that I’ve been active. It really helps. And to all the other horror blogs out there: you’re awesome! Don’t stop! It’s you that makes horror fans all over feel like they have a voice. It’s all a testament to the doctrine that has stayed with me for years now: horror is where the heart is.

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stonerphonic said...

yea, Joe makes hanging out on blogger all the more worthwhile. between Joe and Joel (porkhead's horror review), all my horror & humor needs are pretty much delivered in spades. and Joe, along with a whole bunch of cool cats on here, def make this place shine...

Strange Kid said...

Such an awesome blog, Joe!

You had me at the EPIC werewolf rundown, but then I saw Mr. Rogers in a clown mask, but then you go on and throw in Clint Eastwood AND Chuck Norris (not to even mention Mortal Combat coverage)! Consider me sold.

Joe Monster said...

stonerphonic- Thank you, sir! I never realized that my posts were actually funny. I just throw in whatever bizarre thought pops into my head and see what happens. Glad to see that they actually delight you!

Strange Kid- Oh man, are you serious? I'm glad you like it! I'm actually a big fan of your blog as well! It looks so much more prettier than mine. But I'm definitely glad to see that our minds work in similar ways and what not. Thanks for your fellowship and keep up the great work on your end!

Will Errickson said...

More well-deserved recognition, Joe Monster! It's great you cover the whole gamut of the horror genre. I also appreciate your keeping up with my stuff as well.