Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Spit On Your Grave: Remake News

Dread Central reports today (see here) that the director of the remake is overly ecstatic about the fact that the film will be released in theaters with an 'Unrated' rating. And that, in order to gain the 'respect' of us horror loving fans, the studio has opted to not change a single thing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but an unrated tag to me means a few extra boobs or maybe some additional severed appendages or gory bits but doesn't necessarily reflect that it will go 'all the way' as the original film did. Plus I have a hard time taking it seriously with its tagline of 'It's Date Night' which seems more suited for a goofy teen slasher than a brutal tale of revenge. Nevermind the fact that what it implies has absolutely nothing to do with the premise of the original.

What say you's?

Cortez the Killer

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Atroxion said...

OH YES! Happy times incoming!!!

The Mike said...

To me it means the studio doesn't think the film will make money. Most major theater chains around the US, including all of the ones in Iowa, will not carry an unrated movie. So they're basically saying it will never have a nationwide release.

Emily said...

I'm withholding judgement until I see it (I mean, look at how okay the NIghtmare remake turned out (moohahahaha)). I appreciate the attempt by the filmmaker to acknowledge that most audience members generally decry anything PG13. I don't think making a remake of ISoyG a conscious gore/nudity-fest is the right way to go, but if the director actually means "we're going for an unrated rating so that we can do what we need to do for the story without catering to the MPAA", then I'm sated.

B-Movie Becky said...

Unrated simply means it's not submitting itself to the MPAA for a rating...so it could in fact have PG material but still be "unrated." However, I'm guessing Hard R territory, maybe pushing it further. Who knows? I wasn't too impressed with the trailer, but it didn't look terrible.

Mrs. Hall said...

um. if i remember correctly, I rented I spit on your grave from a tiny video store when I was like 14 or somesuch.

i remember the scene when she is walking outside her car after a long drive, 'stretching her legs' and I think she is at the gas station.

at this point the workers leer at her and well, stuff happens.

then she goes into a church and prays for forgiveness for what she is about to do.

which is kill them for what they did.


Does my memory serve me well??

Just curious :)

Strange Kid said...

The trailer looks "okay," but I really don't see it being any more hardcore than the Last House on the Left remake.

There's just no way to match or exceed the sheer sense of realism or brutality that I remember feeling from the first one... unless of course you go the Irreversible route, then maybe you've got something that'll raise a few eyebrows and churn a few stomachs.

Cortez The Killer said...

@Atroxion, let's hope the rating implies pushing the envelope and not a prolonged pie fucking scene a la American Pie.

@The Mike, interesting. So from a content perspective it might suck but it could still bring it with some of the more brutal and unrelenting scenes?

@Emily, why you NOES remake loving, no gooder j/k. Let's hope they're going for the unrated tag so they can do whatever they want. But I'm still convinced that its just some gimmick in name.

@Becky, ahhhhhhhh, interesting and more interesting. So unrated could be Fievel Goes West and not necessarily Necromantik?

@MrsHall, correctemundo!

@StrangeKid, my sentiments exactly. I just can't see how it could match the brutal-ness and intensity of the original without going the route you mentioned. And that's inherently the problem with some of these edgier films they are attempting to remake. At least from a mainstream point of view. But the interview says that they don't really care about that. We'll see if the proofs in the pudding or severed penis.

Irreversible? Ick! I don't know which film had the more uncomfortable rape scene. I think both were equally as long and difficult to sit through.

Mrs. Hall said...


some 20 years later and I still remember scenes from it.


Mike Snoonian said...

Just watched the trailer for this last night. Chalk it up to the difference in eras, but the original had a cinema verite look and feel to it where this just FEELS like you're watching an overly slick production.

As pointless as this remake is, the one that REALLY takes the cake for stupidity is the upcoming americanized Martyrs movie. The producer is on record saying the original film content & violence is unsuitable for american audience tastes. Get ready for a watered down movie.

Sorry, I just wanted to gripe about that.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Based on what I saw at the convention, I would say this one is a must see in theaters, it doesnt look like a cheesy cashin by any means, cant wait for the new I SPIT!!