Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Triumphant Return Of Meet The Horror Bloggers!

With the support and blessing of the venerable Iloz Zoc, AKA John Cozzoli AKA The Master of Disaster, over at Zombos Closet of Horrors, I am resurrecting the weekly/biweekly feature (depending on participation of course) on horror bloggers. You can be of any type: film critique-er, book reviewerer, or anything else that your horror lovin' heart so desires to write about. It is open to ANYONE. I only ask that you respect the viewpoints and passions of others and see this for what it truly is: to promote bloggers you may have not yet heard about and to help foster relationships with the community at large.

So if you want to be profiled on this here interwebs blog, shoot me an email: And be on the lookout Monday for our first post.

P.S. If someone would like to take a stab at designing a logo for the feature, there will be a cool 'reward' involved.

Cortez the Killer

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Dolewhite said...

Design a logo? I think you have your logo already with that metal studded stud! That dude needs a blog for himself!

I was bummed that John stopped doing the Meet the Horror Bloggers, so good on ya for picking it back up. Look forward to what comes from it!

Jeff Allard said...

Nice work in continuing this feature! Hopefully you'll keep it going for a long time to come!

jmcozzoli said...

It's awesome to see the MTHB find a new home. I can't wait to discover all the new horror bloggers you highlight and learn more about their passions. And a logo, too!

That photo of me, though, is a bit dated. I dropped the metal skivvies for maroon velvet tights. Those studs hurt my ass too much when I sat down. I'll send you over a new photo ;)

Geof said...

I always find these type of features extremely interesting because you get to learn a little more about the "man or woman" behind the mask...err screen.

Cortez The Killer said...

Friends, thank you so much for the support. I hope that this gives back in some small way to an amazing collective group of folks who have done nothing but support us since day one.

And John, I wish you hadn't given it up. Its a great look. So metal \m/.