Friday, May 28, 2010

News Flash!

Our inspirational friends over at All Things Horror, have again worked hard to put together an amazing night of indie horror. This time, the focus is on up-and-coming female filmmakers within the genre. And what makes me just as equally excited about the event itself, is that they chose the remarkable film The Commune as their main feature.

The following is a press release regarding the event:

'Wednesday June 2nd, All Things Horror proudly presents their first Women in Horror program as part of their monthly film series. This month, we’re focusing exclusively on titles that have been written and helmed by some of the most exciting new female voices in horror. All Things Horror recognizes and celebrates the envelope pushing work each of these talented creators have brought to their movies.

Our feature presentation is The Commune, written and directed by Elizabeth Fies. Featuring a shocking climax that will linger with the viewer long after leaving the theater, The Commune tells the tragic story of sixteen year old Jenny (Chauntal Lewis). She’s been sent for the summer to stay on her estranged father’s hippy quasi-religious compound. Underneath the granola lifestyle, sinister and terrible events are in store for the young girl. Fans of atmospheric, psychological mind benders such as The Wicker Man and Don’t Look Now will appreciate Ms. Fies directorial debut.

Screening alongside our feature presentation is an outstanding short films program. We’re featuring a pair of short movies from Montreal film maker Maude Michaud: Snuff and Hollywood Skin. Monica Puller of Gonzorific films brings us her latest short Gimme. Finally, Izabel Grondin’s powerful and disturbing short film Fantasy completes our program.

All Things Horror Presents is an ongoing monthly film series at the Somerville Theater, hosted by Mike Snoonian and Chris Hallock of The series kicked of this past January with the goal of highlighting horror’s brilliant new creative and independent voices. The All Things Horror film series strives to bring the weird and wonderful things that go bump in the night to the big screen in our little corner of the world.

The night starts at 7pm and tickets are available at the door for $5.'

So if you're in the Massachusetts area on June 2nd, put down your bowl of chowdah and head on out to what I'm sure will be a fun filled event. I mean seriously, it's only $5. When's the last time you had a ton o' fun for $5? Donkey shows in Tijuana notwithstanding.

Remember that great little indie slasher film that I reviewed a few weeks back? Well it's getting a proper DVD release. I know the sub genre is oft maligned because its been accused of running out of new and fresh ideas. But The Devil Within brings the goods with an original story and a unique way in which it handles an important plot device that is essential to slasher films: the red herring.

The film is available via pre-order (release date of June 29th) via the following retailers:

- Amazon

- Target

- Best Buy

Cortez the Killer

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Chris Hallock said...

Thanks, buddy! We're super psyched for this month's programming!

Now I feel like a huge jerk for forgetting to post about your contest.

Cortez The Killer said...

Chris, no worries el duderino. We already have a winner who blew us away with a stellar design. Hoping for a great turnout to your event!

Mike Snoonian said...

Thanks so much man, I wish you could come out for this!

Geof said...

Thanks for the heads up on The Devil Within. Really wanted to see it after your review.

The All Things Horror event sounds good too!

Nicole MacDonald said...

Just come across your site and gonna have to follow it - my partner is sooo into horror ;p

Cortez The Killer said...

@Mike, you are very welcome. One of these days, I will have to make it out to MA and hang with you guys. I've always wanted to visit.

@Geof, your muchos welcome-o's. Definitely check it out, a fun and original slasher romp it is.

@Nicole, thanks for stopping by and checking us out! Hope you both dig the site!