Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 2009 Cyber Horror Awards Are Here!

The winners of the 2nd annual Cyber Horror Awards have been announced. Clicky here.

Many thanks to the illustrious B-Sol over at The Vault of Horror for asking us to participate.

BTW, I was disappointed to see Trick R' Treat win best film. I was terribly underwhelmed by it even though it did a great job of capturing the 'spirit' of Halloween. We voted for Grace.

Anywhos, congrats to all of the winners!

Cortez the Killer

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Jayson said...

Yeah, I was surprised to see such high praise for Drag Me to Hell, giant yawn in my book...

forestofthedead said...

Yeah thanks to B-Sol. Man's awesome.

B-Sol said...

Thanks guys, it's really cool putting it together, and I hope it gets bigger every year. As for DMTH, it's one thing to not like it, but you had to notice that a lot of other people did get a huge kick out of it. So I wasn't surprised at all to see it win multiple awards.

Cortez The Killer said...

@Jayson, really? I thought it was pretty fun and original. Non-stop from pretty much start to finish. Different strokes my friend :)

I thought Trick R' Treat was more of a snoozer myself. I just thought the stories were kind of uninspired.

Awesome, awesome job B-Sol. It was a hoot and I hope it continues.