Friday, February 19, 2010

Spreadin' The Love

We've been feeling a lot of love around here lately, from you (our readers) and from our friends in the horror blogosphere. So I thought I'd spread that love (don't worry, I passed my STD test, got a 75%) to some new blogs that we've been following. Check out these blogs if you haven't done so already.

Things That Don't Suck

Critic and filmmaker Bryce Wilson is the real deal. Thoughtful in his critiques, an abundance of film knowledge with an equal love of literature, he's smarter at 24 than I ever was. His reviews cover everything from horror to cult cinema. I loved his piece on the Big Lebowski being THE cult film of this generation.

William Malmborg

A writer of short fiction for over 8 years, William reviews both books and film. You can tell that his passion runs deep and it definitely shows in his writing. His critique of Phantasm was right on. Its one of those films that grows on you and can (and has) divided the horror loving populace (I think you know where we stand, *ahem...logo, cough, logo*).

The Film Connoisseur

Francisco Gonzalez is a filmmaker in his native country of Puerto Rico, having directed and released two horror films all by himself. Anyone that has been following us for the past couple of years knows of our passion for indie horror and that we do what we can in our own small way to help support hardworking filmmakers. Plus we love his randomized approach to blogging and his covering of all things horror: new, old, sleazy and cheesy.

The Unlife

Spastic. Random. Out there. Chet of the Undead is right in my backyard (hopefully not watching me in my sleep), living in Austin, TX. He talks about his wayward adventures and muses on life as a 'nocturnal person of no color' AKA, vampire. Check out his hilarious and creative blog.

I Like Horror Movies

Carl over at ILHM has been around for awhile but its only been within the last few months that we've become huge fans of his blog (hey, I only have so much time in the day folks; better late than never?). Plus he's my San Diego connection (I was born and raised there). Hey dude, can you overnight me a carne asada burrito?

Plus plus, he's started the Horror Blogger Alliance, open to all those who have a blog and are looking to grow their network in the horror blogging community. This community is the reason why I do what I do and muchos kudos to Carl for continuing to foster and promote it.

Cortez the Killer

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Emily said...

Way to bring some new sites to my attention. I'm a big fan of Carl at ILHM and Things That Don't Suck (definitely one of the most thoughtful and underrated film blogs out there) so I too will shower them with virtual lovin'. First I've heard of the other sites, but I'm truly intrigued and will check them out pronto.

The Film Connoisseur said...

Wow Cortez, thanks for the kind words man! Its true what you mention about my random approach to review films, it could be anything next! Horror, silent films, drama, documentaries...anything! I like to keep my readers on their toes.

You got a fine blog going on here man, I read it on a regular basis, keep it up!

William Malmborg said...

Oh wow, thanks for the great review of my blog. I do love the horror genera, and am so glad I have finally found an audience for my quick little reviews. My family is probably glad too because now I don’t fill their heads with horror movie commentary every time we see each other.

Planet of Terror is a wonderful blog, one that I read all the time and continue to recommend to other horror fans.

Bryce Wilson said...

Oh man Cortez I'm blushing. Thanks for all the kind words, they mean so much, particularly since this blog is such a fantastic read! (That goes for you too Em)

Thank you so much.

Lisa Marie said...

found you at Geof's at enterthemancave-
your blog makes me happy!
ahhhhh blood, gore and joy

Cortez The Killer said...

All, you are mighty welcome. Keep up the great work!

Welcome Lisa!

Carl (ILHM) said...

Thanks for the nod man and happy to be alongside so many other blogs that I love! PoT has become a new fav as well, happy to have more SD Horror representin'!