Saturday, February 13, 2010

Madman (2007)

Fear 0/5
Gore 0/5
Entertainment 0/5
Creepiness 0/5

I'm starting to think that Netflix is in cahoots with really shitty horror production companies (either that or they are doing a really bad job of labeling their films). For the 2nd time in as many months, I thought I was queuing up one horror film (in this case, 1982's Madman) and instead, I got something completely different. This movie is one of the worst affront to films, horror or not.

A detective (providing the worst narrative I've ever heard) is in search of a killer called the Madman. Torturing young females and killing them, he's ever so ellusive, going years without being caught. He spends his time in strip clubs as its a way to cope with his utter failure of an existence as a shitty detective. How this film ends I have no idea. I could only make it through the first 20 minutes. This is the first time I have ever abandoned a movie. EVER. And trust me, I have sat through many a shit-sandwich. Its that fucking terrible.

If you aren't going to take the time to properly edit a film, why should I take the time to watch it? Terrible scene transitions, extremely unbearable overdubbing (I couldn't hear half of the dialogue due to the soundtrack, which is probably a good thing) and fucktardly aweful kill scenes. A guy is banging a girl in a cemetary and he comes down on her with a stabbing motion repeatedly but there is only one problem. HE'S NOT HOLDING A FUCKING KNIFE.

I can't even find information regarding this movie. No IMDB, no Google search results, images or trailer. Which makes the curious receipt of this film all that much more suspect.

Avoid this film at all costs. But I don't think you'll have any problem in doing so. I'm not going to even post a Horror Blips 'Vote up' button in the off chance that someone thinks this is a good movie.

I popped this piece of shit into my computer to capture a screenshot (so that I had SOMETHING to go along with this 'review') and the name Bob Shoe came up. A little hunting and pecking around the reveals that the 'alternate' title is Madman 2. I feel that further bamboozledry is afoot.

Cortez the Killer


The Vicar of VHS said...

I haven't seen this movie, but I'm going to go ahead and say you were right to abandon it just on principle alone. Clearly what happened to you is just what they were HOPING would happen--someone would come with a desire to see the excellent and endlessly entertaining 1982 MADMAN (one of my mad movie faves!), and end up tricked into viewing their little piece of crap. Blasphemy! May Madman Marz have his just vengeance!

Planet of Terror said...

Blasphemy indeed Vicar. This was terrible beyond belief.

Chris Hallock said...

Oh man, adding to the suckage is the fact that the '82 Madman is a neat little flick. A little tough to find these days.

Sorry man, but thanks for taking a bullet for us all.