Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Awards Season!!

This humble blog has been bestowed with two awards, the Kreativ Blogger (yes, that's creative with a K minus the E) and the Lovely Blog (sounds so frilly, like lace and doilies). They were respectfully given to us by our fellow broheim in crime Mattsuzaka over at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby and Mr. Chuck 'you know my stance on the debate from my blog title' Conry over at Zombies Don't Run. Muchas gracias mis amigos!

Now to dish out BOTH awards to a group other deserving blogs. Yup, there are separate rules for both but I'd probably overlap anyways so fuck it. We won a similar award last year, The Honest Scrap. So click on the link and be transported to the 7 (or in this case 10) random things that are supposed to be posted about us. Thats if you are just dying to know some random shit about the two of us yahoos.

Here are our award winners (wieners?):

1. Heart in A Jar: Hands down, the best new horror blogger of 2009. The quality of Steven Senski's posts are bar none and he wrote my favorite blog post of 2009. Doing a bit of investigative work, he uncovered the hard knocks the film Silent Night, Deadly Night went through along with the two pea brained women who stopped at no cost to strong arm theater owners and distro companies (check it out here). I can't wait to see what he has in store for 2010. Simply put, you need to be reading his blog.

2. Chuck Norris Ate My Baby: The funniest guy in the blogging world, horror or not. Mattsuzaka's blog is just plain fun. With posts that range from horror news, to reviews, with also a focus on action films and classic westerns, Matt's posts are top notch, informative with an infusion of goofy ding dongery. Not too mention, he has the two best weekly series on the interwebs: Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party and The Horror Hangover. Also also not too mention, the dude is 9 times out of 10 living in my brain. I think we may have in fact been separated at birth.

3. All Things Horror: Mike Snoonian and Chris Hallock are a dynamic duo of awesome (although I'm sure they'd argue over which one is the caped crusader). Well thought out critiques on horror films, I always search their blog to see how their assessments stack up against my own. Plus, they received my respect and admiration for putting on a film festival in their hometown supporting indie horror filmmakers. Mad respect yo!

4. The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense: Emily over at the longest named horror blog ever, makes quality posts about a vast array of topics, all of which are horror related. From reviews to stories to tidbits about her childhood to REALLY uncovering the horrors behind the Christmas holiday (see here), her wit, humor and writing style is truly unique.

5. The Jaded Viewer: Our other brother from another mother, Jeffrey Atencio is a critic like no other. Don't let the name fool you, he's as objective and fair as they come. Focusing on the finest and not so finest of the horror, grindhouse and exploitation cinema world, he breaks down each review and doesn't get too bogged down with meandering thoughts or incessant ramblings. Straight and to the point, his analysis of each film should leave no doubt in your mind whether or not you should waste that precious NetFlix queue position. Not too mention, his patented ratings system should leave no question as to how serious he is about the films he reviews and covers. Watch out for flying spinkicks!

6. Zombies Don't Run: Our newest friend Chuck posts about anything his little zombie dragging feet desires. From topics ranging from the de-evolution of horror cover art to the death of video stores to his own commentaries regarding what he's seen (both old and new horror films), Chuck does his darndest to provide a wide array of posts that will appeal to every horror nerds heart.

7. Dinner With Max Jenke: Jeff Allard's posts are nothing short of perfection. His analysis of film is impeccable and his knowledge is equally unmatched. His review of Avatar singlehandedly convinced me to give the movie a shot. Sorry Jeff, aside from the effects, I had major issues with it. Regardless, if a review can change your mind about a film you had altogether written off, I think thats a testament to one's writing and influence.

Congrats to all and keep up the amazing work. Now here's your totally gay JPEGs:

Cortez The Killer

HorrorBlips: vote it up!


Emily said...

Thanks a million for the mention! Proud to accept and to be amongst such fine company, many of which I'm only learning about now and will promptly check out.

Chuck Conry said...

Thanks a ton my friend! You deserve any award you get. I enjoy this blog very much.

Matt-suzaka said...

Damn, that is a fine ass list of some fine ass people, son! saying I am honored isn't enough to express how honored I am...maybe double honored will work in showing how nice it is to be up there with all those crazy dope bloggairs!

Thanks for the kind words my friend and I will see you in your brain in about 36 seconds with some ding dongery!

Jeff Allard said...

Thanks for the huge shout-out, PoT - I'm honored!

Geof said...

This has happened to me like three times already, but I am going to tell ya anyway. I was going to give you one if these awards, but you already received it. I am putting a mention for you in the because the P.O.T. pwns!

Planet of Terror said...

Ha! Nice. Thanks Geof!

Planet of Terror said...

And to all, much welcome!

Carl (ILHM) said...

A very well deserved pair of awards for another great blog, and equally awesome picks! Looking forward to what 2010 brings from PoT

Planet of Terror said...

Thanks Carl. Much appreciated. We are newer followers to your blog. Love it! Our best for 2010.

senski said...

Gents, my apologies for not posting my thanks here earlier - life is a little crazy, you know. You honor me, you truly do! Thanks for the support and friendship; it means so very much...

the jaded viewer said...

Damn I didn't thank you. I swear I did. Thanks for the shoutout.

If I could give out a golden spinkick, it'd be to you guys.