Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Hell Night (1992)

Fear 1/5
Gore 3/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 2/5

Initially looking at the 'artwork' to this film, I thought that maybe the filmmaker was about 4 years late on the bell curve of slasher mania. Well to some extent it is, but Happy Hell Night has a nice bit o' twist that's different than your average straight-up slasher fare. Oh don't you worry, there's plenty of cheese dick ding dongery on display and the film is anything but 'good'. But oh the places you'll go!

A bunch of frat brothers are plotting and scheming for their annual Hell Night, a night in which they get their pledges to do all kinds of whackadociously crazy things in order to gain entry. Hanging out in their basement turned bar, their college radio jockey friend recounts the legend of a demonically possessed priest who hacked up a handful of students in a cemetary years ago. Supposedly the evil-y inhabited man of the cloth is enjoying a room of four padded walls in the local insane asylum. The ring leader of the fraternity thinks it would be a great idea to get photographic evidence of said rumored padre and nominates his brother after he finds out that he is banging his girlfriend. Bro's before ho's beotch!

Along with a friend, the kid brother breaks into the asylum and heads to a secluded area where the demonically challenged father is shackled up. They break into his cell and sure enough, El Padre ain't none to happy-o, promptly ripping off the arm of the brother's friend. Broheim exits stage left and rides out of dodge on his trusty motorcycle. Padre Demonico (who looks like he just stepped out of a Tool video) takes care of one of the nurses on his way out. And so begins his murderous spree, complete with one liners which he dispenses as a counter to whatever action the onscreen characters are currently engaged in. Your're watching too much of the boob tube? 'No more TV!' You've finished banging nasty bits? 'No more sex!' Each utterance sounding like a fucked up E.T. as he lays waste to each victim.

So as the party goers on Hell Night all start falling victim, the father of the ring leading frat boy and his brother returns to his alma mater to set things right. And who do you suppose comes to save the day? Ralphie's dad himself, Darren 'The Night Stalker' McGavin. Apparently, he's been hiding a secret all these years. Having made a deal with the demon priest to make him a successful and wealthy man, he's come back to right his wrongs before the priest can add to his death toll. Along with the slutty girlfriend and another non-demon priest, they lure the goofy line delivering, other wordly possessed padre, back to the cemetary where they perfom a ritual to expel the demon.

The ending is a little lackluster but overall, this is a trashy slasher classic through and through. And there is a particular scene that is totally golden. One of the victims is strung up on a cross inside of the local church and hung upside down. So fucking metal! \m/

No trailer for this one. Instead, below are some rando clips of the film with hottie Jorja Fox.

Cortez The Killer

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Chris Hallock said...

Dude in that picture looks creepy as fuck.

Amanda By Night said...

How funny we reviewed this movie so close together. It's good that people know about this underrated movie. It's creepy!