Monday, January 11, 2010

Eden Lake (2008)

Fear 4/5
Gore 2/5
Entertainment 1/5
Creepiness 3/5

Exhibit 1A why I am scared to death of having mini-mes: they can turn out to be total psychopathic A-holes like the soccer hooligan kids in Eden Lake. Goddamn this movie was depressing as shit.

Eden Lake is an English film set in a rural countryside where a young couple decides to get away from it all and spend a quiet weekend together. They set up camp near the towns crowning jewel: a sprawling lake. Settling in, its not long before they run into the town's hyper douchier version of the Little Rascals. They chase off another kid, let their rottweiler run unleashed and blare the most annoying music not called emo crunk: English hip-hop. Enough to piss anyone off, the man walks over to the kids and instead of saying the 'magic word', he calls the kids dicks and tells them to pipe down. Well thats not a good way to win friends and influence people.

Waking up the next morning, they find their tires slashed. After fixing their ride, they head into town for a little morning tea and crumpets at the local diner. The waitress meets their inquiry (as they try to find out who's responsible for the demon spawns) with an immediate and resounding 'Not mine.' As they drive back to their camping spot, they see a collection of bikes out in front of a house and the boyfriend immediately suspects its them. He gets out of the car while his girlfriend stays behind and he decides that he's going to confront the kids and hopefully, a parent thats home. After no response is had at the side door which happens to be open, he heads in. A drunken father of one of the boys comes home and the boyfriend narrowly escapes being discovered as he makes his way out from a second story window.

They head back to their encampment thinking its the last they'll see of the pint-sized fuckwads. Not so as they wake up the next morning to find their car stolen. The kids tear through the woods, joy riding in their SUV and almost run over the couple in the process. Being so far removed from the city, they are unable to call for help and are essentially stranded in the completely isolated woods. They eventually come across the group later that evening as they've now set up their own encampment. Things escalate quickly when the boyfriend asks for the car keys back, the dog attacks him and one of the boys pulls a knife. In deflecting the attack, the boyfriend stabs the dog and its all down hill from here folks.

The couple attempt to flee the scene and the kids wage an attack on their car when it gets stuck in a ditch. They are able to dislodge the car but end up crashing into a tree nearby, the boyfriend becoming trapped on the drivers side. The boyfriend yells at his gal to run for help and it initially appears that she's off to the races. However, she stays behind only to witness the kids tie him up and take turns stabbing him in a forced right of passage. The boy who lost his dog, becomes the ring leader, forcing all the boys (there is one girl who records video of everything that is going on) to partake. They discover the girlfriend and chase after her, the bloodied and massively bleeding boyfriend freeing himself and escaping during the process. They both find each other running through the woods and from here on out, its a dangerous game of cat and mouse all the way up to the gut wrenching and absolutely bitter end.

It doesn't get much worse than this one kids. The scene where the boyfriend is stabbed is only the tip of the iceberg. Sure, the couple had multiple opportunities to get away from the situation and really, its pretty hard to ignore this fact. But once you get past it, you see that these are two seemingly good people who are completely undeserving of the acts committed upon them.

Its really hard to recommend this. As mentioned, its incredibly depressing. No happy or 'they got what was coming to them' ending to be found. But it does what every horror movie should do: completely shock and terrify the piss out of you. Just have your dog (or insert other type of earthly creature here____) close by to hug afterwards.

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James said...

Amen sister! This really made me feel unpleasant - but in a good way. Truly suspenseful film. And that ending!? Even thinking about it now makes me want to be sick. And cry. And then be sick again. The knots my stomach was tied in made it easier to forgive the fact that the couple had multiple opportunities to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! Thomas Turgoose was particularly memorable as the kid with a conscience who ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time - namely when Jenny decides to grow a pair of balls and fight back... Gruelling stuff!

Rev. Phantom said...

One of my favorites from the past few years. It sticks with you. I watched it with my wife and we were in a deep funk for a day afterward. I love any film that can draw deep emotion out of the audience, even if that emotion is sadness. Depressing yes, but it was incredibly well made and full of incredible tension. Hard to recommend, like you said, but people that can appreciate dark, dark stuff may find it worthwhile. Excellent review!

Andre said...

Haha I'm glad we both hugged an animal of some sort after our movie watching last night!

I know what you mean about being hesitant to recommend although I guess I did recommend since you watched it! But fo realz what a bunch of complete uber fuck-tards. The film is pretty physically draining- but what it accomplishes without being overly gory, boobie-tastic and predictable- is pretty amazing.

Planet of Terror said...

This is a physically draining film and as Rev. mentioned, it will stay with you for days. And as James mentioned, the one little boy who did have a conscience, it was particularly unnerving to see him killed when it was obvious that Jenny did not mean to do so. God this movie was fucked.