Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Righteous Award!

First, I'd like to say that the horror blogosfear is an amazing collection of people who do what they do for one purpose and one purpose only: for the love of the genre. Sure, some folks might make a few bucks in the process (we don't, BTW), but at the end of the day, its all about the love, man.

The incredible and illustrious BJ-C over at Day of The Woman, has bestowed upon us probably the raddest honor ever, The Fantastically Frightening Award. It has skeleton hands and boobies on it. How can it not be?

Plus she said some pretty cool things about us:

'The most underrated blog on the interwebz: PLANET OF TERROR! I stalk out blogging worlds all the time and I've been seeing a lack of love for this one. I think it's brilliant and yet forgotten. only 75 followers? What is wrong with the world. Do yourself a favor and FAVORITE this one asap.'

We are honored, humbled and so appreciative of BJ-C's support as well as that of all of YOU. Complaint Dept. and I started this blog about 3 years ago and even though we neglected it like a redheaded step child back in '08, (we both work corporate day jobs and at the time, we were in the process of moving to different states), we persevered and will continue to post as long as we are physically able.

And because we believe in passing things around like a scorching case of herpes, here is a variation of the award for some other well deserved blogs, worthy of your attention.

Midnite Media
The Horror Effect
Tower Farm
In It For The Kills
Midnight Confessions

Cortez The Killer

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Matt-suzaka said...

You're the man now, dawg!

J. Astro said...

See, you at least get awesome awards with boobs and skeletons and shit on 'em. I get awards with flowers; It's like I'm doing a gardening blog, or something. ;)

Congrats! I'm new to your page in the past month or so, but already dig your stuff!

Pax Romano said...

It looks good on you, the award!

Mucho congratulations.

Cortez The Killer said...

@Matt: Booyah brother!

@J. Astro: Thank you kindly. I've just recently discovered yours. Good stuff!

@Pax: Boobs always look good on me. Especially in my face. If you're into that sort of thing of course ;) Congrats on your award as well!

Rev. Phantom said...

Congrats and thank you! I'm fairly new to Planet of Terror, but I'm diggin' it. I'm with J, we need more awards with boobs and less flowers.

B-Movie Becky said...

Congrats! You guys rock. I agree with everything BJ-C said about you fine folks.

Thanks for passing it on to me as well! I'm happy to be in such great company. :D

Cortez The Killer said...

@Rev: I'd thought I'd throw some love out to some new blogs I'm following. Glad you dig.

@Becky: Your mighty welcome!

In It For The Kills said...

Thank you very much! This gives me some much-needed motivation today.

BJ-C said...

i LOVE the ferris bueller reference. at least, i hope thats where you got it from.

Chris Hallock said...

You're the dawg, now, man!

All your base belong to Planet of Terror!

Cortez The Killer said...

@IIFTK: Your mighty welcome! Keep up the awesome work.

@BJ-C: Why yes, it is indeed from one of my favorite movies of all time. Thanks again!

@Hallock: Bow down and worship yo' masta! Who is the masta? Sho-nuff!!

Jonny Metro said...

It's an honor! I humbly accept this boobtastic award!


the jaded viewer said...

Your #7 on HorrorBlips and you keep winning awards with partial nudity.

That's as good as it gets.