Thursday, December 17, 2009

Summer School Contest!!

If you've been regularly reading this blog for the past month or so (see here and here), you will know of my unabashed love for a little indie horror flick called Summer School. Its in my top list of films seen this year and tops in indie horror films seen in the last 10 years.

The directors, who spent every last nickel, dime and peso they had to make the film, have offered me TWO copies of the film to give away for FREE. Aside from the awesomeness of the movie, these guys put the goods into the DVD, loaded with extras including 5 short films.

So how do you get your mitts on your very own copy? In the comments section below, tell us your zany, most off the wall summer school or high school story. The two winning stories will be judged by the directors of the film and you will get your own nifty copy of the film. Just make sure you check the statute of limitations in your state to ensure you will not be charged with anything. Or if you wish, you can remain anonymous.

The contest ends on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th.

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Rhonny Reaper said...

Our computer class and our teacher, Mr. Leveck, played a prank on the Principle. We had my friend, Pablo, go in the hall with an old cell phone of his that he was gonna toss out and pretend he was talking on it in from of the Principle. Then our teacher went out and pretended to go Crazy o his ass, Screaming at the top of his lungs shit like "I told you to get off that phone for the last time" then he broke the phone right in front of the Principle. I swear he looked like he was gonna explode till we all came out the room laughing our asses off at him, then he laughed too. it was fun :)

Wednesday's Child said...

This is pretty bad. Two friends of mine convinced a third friend, a pretty naive girl, that "jizz" was a word which meant "happy feelings." I sat in the room and listened to them do this knowing exactly which jizz was. I should have called bullshit. The poor girl made a huge banner on the computer (this was back in the dot matrix Printshop days) that read, "May Your Holidays Be Filled With Joyous Jizz." She hung it in the cafeteria on the last day before Christmas break. Fortunately the school was small enough that the teachers knew she would not have knowingly done such a thing and they gently took her aside and told her to take it down. Sorry to say, the banner _was_ funny as hell.

rkl said...

Never seen this one and I'm a big horror movie fan.

We had a girl when I was in high school that would sit and roll her buggers in class. It was high school was kind of boring.

the jaded viewer said...

Well I had a friend named Buffy and I swear she was some sort of vampire slayer...hmmm maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Anyway, me and my best friend actually tried to pull of "the Ferris Bueller" once and tried to get his GF out of class by using the old grandma died trick. I did my best to pretend I was "dad" playing the Cameron part and he called in a few minutes later.

We kept it up for a while and by the end we were sure she was gonna be able to get out.

But we later found out that when they approached her with this news she had no clue and broke down in tears (if only cell phones existed back then).

Suffice it to say, my friend and his GF didn't last long after that and there was no visit to the art museum.

Matt-suzaka said...

Okay...this isn't even that good and it involves me getting in trouble, but that is every story from any sort of school I attended.

This chick I was friends with decided to pants me in the middle of every person at school. This was when I lived in AZ and all the lockers and shit were outside, so everyone was out there between classes.

I didn't even care and took a moment or two before pulling them back up, maybe I thought she was planning on doing more after she tried to show my floppy dog to the world.

Only problem was, one of the maintenance people saw it and was trying to get me to tell her who did it. I come from the streets, a place where you don't rat out your boys and there was no way I was rating out my home it wasn't a big deal!

I think I ended up telling the maintenance lady that she can eat it and just walked away from her, and of course my destination would eventually lead to my VP's office where I probably got Saturday school or some shit.

That story kinda sucked.

Okay, this was still in AZ and in AZ there are a lot of cowboys. Not Leone cowboys, but dudes with really bad outfits and even worse taste in music.

So at this time I was really into eating sunflower seeds...I ate these fuckers all the time. The salt was just too incredible to deny. So anyways, I was a skater punk kid and I used to fuck with this wicked hick guy in my English class. We actually got along pretty well, but the need for a good ribbing just had to's the law.

My seat was the one in the very back of the class (bad idea) and he sat directly in front of me. One afternoon, he passed out cold and was sleeping all throughout the class, so I decided to put every single one of my sunflower seed shells all over his hair his cloths all in his hat that was underneath his was intense sunflower seed damage.

When class ended, he woke up all groggy and sleepy, only to find all these sunflower casings falling all over him and falling out of his hair. As he shook his honky hair, they just came out all over the place even more! It was fucking hysterical!

That one kinda sucked too, actually.

Emily said...

My style of pranking the teacher was intensely nerdy. You know how a lot of high schoolers cave in to peer pressure and join clubs to be with their friends? I did that. Except the 'club' was actually Advanced Placement Physics.

Without question, I was the dumbest one in the class, getting an average of 42 on most exams (yes, out of 100) and being woefully awful at any kind of lab work. I tried getting extra credit by attending the final round of our district's toothpick bridge building competition and writing a rock ballad called Albert Einstein Is a Sex Machine(every time he makes M-C squared/he makes me feel like I am physically prepared/for an explosion of love!), but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I got tired of how much the teacher hated me (in hindsight, it was justified, as I really was an idiot) and decided I needed to find a way to get my vengeance on Mr. Yngstrom and the world of physics as we know it.

He had a very elegant custom made wooden rack that held about 25 rulers we had to use and seemed rather proud of it. So, day by day, I’d sneak one into my backback, watching the pile dwindle and daily catching the teacher eying it with disappointment. Apparently, he made heart-felt pleas to his “regular” class to stop taking them, but never came close to suspecting his “smart” kids of committing such a crime. That just made me madder.

Anyway, but the end of spring, there was one half of a broken ruler on the rack and kids in class were forced to use that back cover of notebooks to measure anything. I eventually gathered all the rulers, plus my notes from the entire year, and had a ritualistic smashing/stomping-on with a friend after our final.

Looking back, it was a pretty petty and mean plan, but it felt like some minor form of vengeance against a man who didn’t respect the dumb kids. I rationalize it now as me fighting for the less fortunate. By stealing rulers from an educator.

Wow. Now that I’ve written this, I finally realize that a) I am not cool and b) I am a bad person.