Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sole Survivor (1983)

Fear 2/5
Gore 1/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 4/5
T&A Factor 1/5

Sole Survivor is an interesting suspense/thriller tale, one that I'd be incredibly surprised if it didn't influence the creator of the Final Destination series. I say suspense/thriller as it most definitely does a building of both along with some sprinklings of true horror. The film's bread and butter is the tension it develops as it keeps butt firmly planted on the edge of seat.

A woman who works for a film production company is the lone survivor of a terrible plane crash. Before the actual accident occurred, an actress who is in the employ of the woman's company, had a premonition of the crash and that the woman herself would be the only survivor.

After the crash, the woman is heavily watched over by a group of doctors making sure that she doesn't succumb to the survivor syndrome or more simply put the 'why did this happen to me?' feeling which swirls with most people who survive some sort of traumatic event. Its not long before the woman is confronted by various people in a zombie-like state: a little girl stares her down and a parked ambulence at the hospital almost runs her over; a man walks into the middle of the road, causing her to swerve off it and spin out, almost crashing her car in the process.

The actress who is set to work with the woman, tells her about her dream. The woman thinks its all a bunch of bull-loney until the actress makes one chilling statement. In all the premonitions that she's ever had, this woman is the only one who's actually survived. She gives a warning to the woman that some how, some way, 'it' will be coming for her.

As we near the end, the entranced, zombified people who are after the woman start in with more violent attacks. As she thwarts each, random people as a vehicle of death are replaced with ones that are actually closer to her and it becomes more and more difficult to fend off the inevitable.

A well done suspense/thriller, the film has great pacing and keeps your eyes firmly affixed. The discordant choice of a soundtrack which accompanied the arrival of a new agent of death, also made for a very creepy and unnerving movie watching experience. And as mentioned, I'd be really surprised if the Final Destination films (the first in particular) didn't draw some sort of inspiration from this one. Highly underrated and a must see.

Cortez The Killer

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Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Ooh this looks good! Nice trailer too. That actress does the weired scared look very well!

Matt-suzaka said...

I have heard of this in comparison to Final Destination. Sounds really good and I am gonna have to check it out since you liked it so much. The trailer is very awesome!

The Warfreak said...

Yeah, that looks like a must-see for me! Good stuff.

Carl (ILHM) said...

I remember seeing the trailer for this one on one of my Code Red discs and always wanted to see it, will add it back up on the que for Netflix!

Chris Hallock said...

I've always meant to watch this, but that list is so big. Maybe I'll bump it up. I've been intrigued with the premise.

boxxxer said...

watched this last night. an excellent 80s thriller that never bores, cheats or patronises the viewer. nice creepy feeling at the end. Twilight Zone's 'Twenty Two' is the inspiration for Final Destination but this had some clear influence also

great blog too :)

Planet of Terror said...

Boxxxer, thanks! Never seen that episode of The Twilight Zone and just might have to now.