Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976)

Fear 0/5
Gore 1/5
Entertainment 5/5
Creepiness 1/5
T&A Factor 3/5

A doctor experiments with a serum which he hopes will reverse the affects of internal organ damage and be his next claim to fame. Years ago, his mother died from liver failure due to heavy drinking, and he thinks that a serum that repairs damage caused from organ disease will be his springboard to greatness.

At the start of the film, he's treating a street corner standing, lady of the night as she's been dealing with a case of hepatitis. As soon as he enters the hospital room, she's already stripped down, completely butt nekkid. Doesn't the doc normally ask for you to strip AFTER he's already entered the room? Apparently not in blacksploitation cinema! He's berated by her for being an uncle tom, looking white, dressing white and coming to the run down part of the hood to treat the poor folk. He becomes a little smitten by her (and seriously, when has a little case of hepatitis ever stopped a penis?) despite his current relationship with his assistant.

The doc begins trials on himself, shooting his body full of the serum after he doesn't get the desired results with lab animals and human test subjects that he's injected at the hospital. The serum makes him go all bajiggity and when he's done convulsing, he's shown to have a serious case of Ferigno-itis:

In his transformed state, he takes his Rolls out for a night on the town, trying to track down his lady of the night patient, stopping to ask a group of corner hangers where he can find the club where she normally posts shop at. They respond with a 'You's in the wrong part of town, man'. He quickly makes work of them, throwing them through store front windows and into the busy street. After finding the woman at the club, he runs into her coke addicted, nefarious pimp and makes it his sole mission to save her from her job....and make her his next test subject.

The serum increasingly makes him more and more aggressive which prompts him to go on a city-wide killing spree, offing other prostitutes and eventually, the pimp of his patient. When his street walker lady friend refuses to undergo the same treatments and be one of his test subjects (the hepatitis having done harm to her liver), he chases after her through town: complete with police, neighbors and local street hustling jive turkeys who are tired of not feeling safe at night trailing close behind. The closing shot, sees the doc scaling a local monument King Kong style, growling and swatting at the police below and the helicopter that is circling overhead. It doesn't end pretty and the poor doc never lives to see his dream come true.

Laugh out loud funny with an abundance of overacting, this second foray (see first here) into the world of blacksploitation cinema is just as good as the first. I think I've found my new favorite sub-genre of horror.

FYI-- The first 5 seconds or so of the trailer are NSFW.

Cortez the Killer

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Chris Hallock said...

This looks like an incredibly good time!

complaint dept said...

But really, isn't the trailer all you need? Sort of like Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park....

Chris Hallock said...

No man alive can take that dive

Matt-suzaka said...

"When has a little case of hepatitis ever stopped a penis?"

So true!!

This movie kinda sounds like The Fly remake a little.

Blacksploitation films are incredibly fun and there are a ton of great ones to enjoy even outside of the horror hybrid genre.