Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clownstrophobia (2009)

Fear 1/5 --- 5/5 if you are afraid of clowns
Gore 4/5
Entertainment 4/5
Creepiness 1/5 --- 5/5 for the same

Aside from my love of slasher films that are of the mucho sleazy persuasion, next in line for me are indie horror productions. I'm pretty sure that most of us would say that the underground is where its at (despite some great offerings from the mainstream this year). Gimme a little film that could with cheap production and effects but with a script that has a heart and is well-intentioned and you've got my heart beat a flutter. Enter Clownstrophobia. Despite its flaws (which in my humble opinion makes indie horror films that much more charming), at its heart is a fun tale which translates into a fairly enjoyable film.

The movie starts off with a new attending nurse in a mental hospital getting the lowdown about a new inhabitant known only as 'Patient X'. Apparently the woman was picked up at a carnival while wearing attire that signaled ' Hey, I'm crazy', and she also happened to mentionthat her family actually worked for the carnival (as clowns of course). Trouble is, no one who worked there knew who she was. And she incessantly blathered on about her baby being taken from her. As the attendee starts to get to know her, she finds that she is indeed crazy but through her charms and wiles, proves to be right about having a child who was wrongfully taken from her.

Aside from the dealings with Patient X, a male psychiatrist who works for the institution is helping another psychiatrist who is deathly afraid of clowns. Its learned that she was tormented by her brother as a child and he took on the persona of a crazed clown after many a childhood taunts and teases. She explains that one day, she walked out into the hallway of the home after mom and dad were heard screaming and she found her brother was stabbing them to death. Guess who later escapes the confines of the asylum during a night of nurses partying hard and while partaking in some bump and grind action?

The psychiatrist and doctor band together to help a group of teenage troublemakers that are serving time in juvy who are also deathly afraid of....wait for it....wait for it.....Bozos and Pennywises. They take temporary residence in the home as they both get them to confront their fears. Little do they know that the home becomes the site of brother clown killers revenge! As the bro comes home to roost, he uses it as his personal playground, torturing, maiming and slicing and dicing the kids to his delight. Towards the end, only one survives and you are left with the questions of: Does he take up the killers mantle of crazy? And is he in fact related to one of the film's central characters?

Part slasher, part torture porn, Clownstrophobia is a gorrific delight. If you are insanely afraid of clowns, you might be best served to avoid this. As mentioned, there are some flaws that abound. The soundtrack sometimes drowns out the dialogue which actually may not be so bad considering that that was my second gripe. But overall, its got heart and its original. And that to me is what makes a good indie horror film.

No trailer for this. Instead, check out an interesting interview with director Geraldine Winters in which she discusses the trials and tribulations of film making.

Cortez the Killer

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Robert Ring said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder why it took so long for a movie to come out called "Clownstrophobia." Simple genius.

Jonny Metro said...

I just might have to check this out! I've always had a frightened fascination with killer clowns (and Killer Klowns), and in fact have a small collection of the grease-painted mothers staring at me from atop my computer desk as we speak. Thanks for the review!


Complaint Dept said...

I've never understood the fear of clowns. Priests, okay. Spiders, yup. Clowns. . . . mmmm, nope.

Emily said...

This has so just been added to my list. As an admitted coulrophobe, I love a clown movie actually meant to torment my psychosis. If only Netflix would add it to their selection...