Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Other Hell (1980)

Fear 0/5
Gore 1/5
Entertainment 2/5
Creepiness 1/5

Watery and disappointing horror movie that I had high hopes for, if only because it's from 1980 and Italian. The plot here is fairly familiar - strange and unexplained deaths at the convent are investigated by the new Priest in town, one more into psychology than parapsychology. Unfortunately for the priest, it's not mental illness or any "rational" issue that's causing the nuns to commit suicide. It's Satan.

Not a bad premise - at least one that could be a lot of fun. But the film is so botched, so poorly made and so fucking bad that it's never allowed to spread it's Satanic wings and get going. All the pieces are there, but it's all so nonsensical that you can't see them. It's like the film was never edited, each scene feeling as though it should have come 4 scenes earlier or 3 scenes later. You know how a film is shot in random order of scenes based on time, resources and other logistics and then edited to be sequential? I think the producers and editors forgot the second part of that equation.

Plus, it's just cheap. Example - there is a scene where the priest is nosing around a dog kennel (why is there a dog kennel at a convent?) and one dog gets loose and starts chasing him. The priest runs maniacally, terrified for his life. But the dog chasing him is this chubby looking pooch with a big wet tongue and waggy tail who sort of trots after him, not runs. If anyone saw that dog coming to them, they'd immediately squat down to start giving the chubby funster lots of pets and hugs. The point being that they didn't bother to hire a mean looking dog, they just used the cameraman's or the caterer's. Dopey.

And despite Netflix's overuse of the word "gore" in it's description, there really isn't any. I mean, ok, there are some murky and shadowing scenes where you understand that guts are being removed from the body on the table and, much to my distaste, a live chicken is beheaded, but that's it. It's a bad sign when the best gore in the film could only be produced by killing a live animal. That's the one downside to late 70's early 80's Euroshock and I won't support it. Luckily I can give this a shit-sandwich rating based on more than just that since this movie is a big bag of balls.

- Complaint Dept

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